Mrs Mitchell

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Outline

In Key stage three we look specifically at the formal elements of art and some of the key art movements. We compare them against one another and also find similarities. We look at the work of Dali, Lichtenstein, Monet all the way through to modern artists here from Hull. The pupils of Winifred Holtby are expected to be creative and imaginative with a range of media showing that all art is not drawn with a pencil, these include sculpture, collage, painting and printing. All schemes of work can be found on my wall as you walk in and the KS3 pupils can access all the homework on office 365. 

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Outline

We are currently teaching Years 9 to 11 the BTEC level 2 Award from Edexcel. All information is given to the pupils at the beginning of each unit, we look at Units based on 3D sculpture up to Units based on street festivals and they change every year for different classes. Again the pupils are encouraged to push boundaries with their ideas and take risks in creating unique and diverse work. 


Our spacious art studios have large windows and skylights to provide lots of natural light as well as a large outdoor terrace. We also have a kiln and 2 potters wheels.”
— Mrs Mitchell

Future Opportunities and Pathways Post 16

The course builds on the general Art skills, imaginative and technical, acquired during Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8). The skills that are developed during the course are very diverse and cover many types of art using many types of media.  
You will develop the skills to investigate, analyse and experiment using art, craft and design and form a working knowledge of the materials, practices and technology of art and design. 

The emphasis is on the process of developing both ideas and work. Your coursework, in your sketchbooks, portfolio and elsewhere, should include research, supporting studies and work showing the development of your ideas, leading to one or more outcomes - usually finished process of work. Your teacher will set you assignments and tasks.

Pupils have gone on to study Art and Design, Fine Art, Photography, Fashion and Textiles, Media, Graphic Design and 3D Production and Design at Hull, Wyke and Wilberforce Colleges and on to Degree Level study.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

All KS4 pupils are encouraged to stay at least once a week to complete coursework and art club runs once a week for an hour.