Winifred Holtby & City of Culture

‘The Inspiration Generation’

Hull’s biggest asset is its people. The young people of Hull are the future of the City. We aspire to inspire the next generation who will then go on to inspire their children, leaving a lasting legacy from the City of Culture; ‘The Inspiration Generation’!

Hull is the UK City of Culture 2017! Here at Winifred Holtby Academy we are celebrating this historic event for the City and its people with a series of cross-curricular events/activities which will bring pupils together in celebrating the history and culture of Hull and allow them to look forward to a bright and prosperous future for the City, and the role they play in that. 

Photography by  Tom Arran

Photography by Tom Arran

Made in Hull

During the ‘Made in Hull’ season, we want to focus our attention on the people from Hull who have gone on to achieve great things, as well as the many inventions and creations which Hull is famously known! We aim that this focus will allow the young people of Hull to relate to these achievements and inventions, and realise that they began in Hull. This will then prove that it is possible to achieve great things and have an impact on the world, with the origins beginning in Hull.

Roots and Routes

During the ‘Roots and Routes’ season, we want to focus on Hull’s history as a trading port and recognise Hull’s connections to the world, expanding the horizons of young people in Hull, realising that Hull has, and will continue to, ‘export’ its innovations and talents around the world. Hull is a place where people will come and contribute to the diverse fabric of a future ‘Hull’; developing ‘respect’, ‘appreciation’ and ‘tolerance’ of different cultures and different faiths which coexist to enhance the culture of Hull. 

Photography by  Tom Arran

Photography by Tom Arran


During the ‘Freedom’ season, we want to focus on Hull’s history as a place of risk takers, rule breakers and freedom of thought. We will encourage the young people of Hull to break with convention and find creative links between seemingly discrete areas; making connections which truly reflect the post-modern, globalised world in which we now live. For example, education in the UK is bound by the study of discrete subject areas. We will use this ‘break with convention’ to explore how different subject areas can work together to produce truly creative outcomes which students may not have experienced before based on Hull and its history, and our journey of self-discovery so far! 

Tell the World

During the ‘Tell the World’ season, we want to promote the journey that we have been on throughout the year discovering and rediscovering what makes Hull and its people (particularly young people) so great; celebrating our independence, individuality, integrity and sense of humour. We aim to ‘project’ this celebration through digital media performance, recognising Hull’s contribution to digital technologies in respect of the invention of LED screen technology, recognising Hull’s unique link to communication (the only city in the UK to have its own communication network, as well as its famous white telephone boxes), and finally recognising the increasingly connected, globalised world that we now live in, and how we can promote Hull, its people and its culture to the World!

Photography by  Tom Arran

Our projects will:

  • Celebrate arts and culture.
  • Be open and accessible to all.
  • Engage people and communities in Hull.
  • Be more than the everyday.
  • Work in partnership with local schools, colleges, universities and businesses,
  • Embrace digital technology.
  • Look beyond 2017.

At Winifred Holtby Academy we are very excited about the City of Culture year and the opportunities it will provide our pupils both now and in the future, as well as realise the importance of the Arts in creating a vibrant and diverse future economy for Hull and the country as a whole! 

The Lasting Legacy

At WHA we aim to create a lasting legacy through Hull City of Culture 2017, making our pupils more confident, more creatively minded and more financially prosperous!