Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is designed with all our pupils in mind, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender or sexuality, differences in ability and disabilities. We strive to provide a rich and appropriately challenging learning experience from day one; an experience that is stimulating and engaging, one that provides pupils with the opportunity to excel, to be successful and be ready and equipped to take on the next stage of their life.

Our curriculum is built on our solid core values but allows a flexibility of approach to ensure that all groups of pupils can access the most appropriate learning pathways and courses that will prepare them for a future of further learning, training and employment. At Winifred Holtby Academy, every pupil has a right to access the course or learning pathway that is ‘right’ for them and to flourish in a culture of high aspirations and achievement.

At the heart of our curriculum is a strong core of traditional and academic subjects. We are very proud of the substantial range of creative, vocational and sporting subjects that add great breadth and depth to our curriculum offer. In addition, a varied programme of extra-curricular opportunities further enhances our curriculum and provide all pupils with the opportunity to participate, perform and excel, further developing character and employability skills. Our enrichment programme ensures that pupils have access to appropriate and impartial Careers Information, Advice and Guidance.

Our curriculum actively promotes pupils’ Social, Moral, Spiritual, and Cultural development, our commitment to, and their understanding of, Modern British Values through taught lessons across the curriculum, tutor time, assemblies and our programme of scheduled visits, guest speakers and other activities.

Religious Education is delivered within the Philosophy and Ethics curriculum, providing pupils with an opportunity to learn about different faiths and cultures and develop their understanding and acceptance of those who may have different views and customs to their own. Within this programme, pupils have plentiful opportunities to debate and discuss key issues for life in a modern, diverse and changing society. Pupils are given opportunities to demonstrate skills and attitudes in line with modern citizenship alongside the academy’s ethos of promoting respect for each other in a pluralistic society.

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