Winifred Holtby Academy welcomed Anna Ashbee (Headstart Intelligence) and Juliet O’Sullivan (Life and Fork) to work with our junior athletes, discussing the importance of nutrition and mental focus when preparing for sporting events. 

Anna Ashbee works with many schools and companies, helping pupils, staff and athletes understand how the way they act and behave prepares them to make better life choices. Anna also provides techniques and insight to how small changes to lifestyle can improve mental focus on tasks and goals people desire. 

Juliet works with professional actors and athletes engaging them in training regimes and diet programmes, improving body shape and fitness for the productions they are working on. She is currently working on Star Wars and many other productions. Juliet worked with the pupils, linking food directly to physical and mental performance.

The session was carefully designed to teach the pupils how to get the most out their day from the minute they wake up. Direct links were discussed between the stomach, the brain and food we eat, and how this dictates how our day and performance is affected. Juliet also cooked with the pupils and showed them a super food which provides key fats, proteins and carbohydrates, to fuel the pupils in their sporting events. The recipe was very simple, however it had the desired effect, as all the athletes came back for a second serving!

The day was important for us all, as it showed us how to make quick easy meals that can improve our performance. It stops us eating poorly before sports.”
— Harry