House System


The House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of the Academy. It is an integral part of our Academy community and provides first class pastoral care for all pupils.

Our House names are based on five ancient settlements within the local area. Pupils are placed into: Hedoncrofte, Riseholme, Sefholme, Sudtone or Wawne House, depending on their sibling links, which enables House Teams to provide effective support for all pupils and families.  

Each House Team has its own identity, including a House emblem and core values, providing a sense of belonging. All pupils are encouraged to participate in the life of their House beyond the classroom and a calendar of events creates healthy competition between Houses.

Pupils compete to win House points, which are displayed on leader boards around the Academy.  

A range of pupil leadership opportunities are available including: Prefects, Sport Captains, House Council and Academy Council reps. Each tutor group also has its own representative ensuring `pupil voice’ is at the heart of decision making within the Academy. 

Every House is affiliated to a local charity, for which they fundraise and support throughout the academic year. This enables pupils to develop a sense of charity and local community involvement.


team Hedoncrofte

Tel: 01482 826207 Ext: 6018
House Charity: Dove House Hospice
Assembly: Thursday

House Leader:
Mrs L Dusher


Assistant Head of House:
Miss G Eaglesfield

team Riseholme

Tel: 01482 826207 Ext: 6020
House Charity: Guide dogs for the Blind and Candlelighters
Assembly: Wednesday


House Leader:
Miss M Dolan

Ms J Lazenby.jpg

Assistant Head of House:
Miss R Halpin 

team Sefholme

Tel: 01482 826207 Ext: 6025
House Charity: HeartLink
Assembly: Monday


House Leader:
Mrs M Levitt 

e Stephenson.jpg

Assistant Head of House:
Miss L Holmes 


Tel: 01482 826207 Ext: 6019
House Charity: Humber Rescue and Teenage Cancer Trust
Assembly: Tuesday


House Leader:
Mrs C Smithson 


Assistant Head of House:
Miss G Coulson  

team Wawne

Tel: 01482 826207 Ext: 6016
House Charity: Yorkshire Air Ambulance
Assembly: Friday


House Leader:
Mrs J Branton 


Assistant Head of House:
Mrs P Sykes