Pupils are welcomed into Winifred Holtby Academy at the age of 11 following their successful transfer from Key Stage 2 into Key Stage 3.

Pupils are placed into Tutor Groups and Teaching Groups based on consultation and information that has been transferred between the schools. The Academy ensures all primary pupils who join us are given the opportunity to visit and familiarise themselves with the Academy environment and meet with the Form Tutor and key staff before they commence secondary education. To aid this process, all primary school pupils are invited to spend the final week of the summer term working as a pupil of Winifred Holtby Academy. This, according to research, is both innovative and forward thinking and reduces the fears and concerns which may arise over the long summer break.

The Academy works in close collaboration with partner primary groups within the neighbourhood, so that pupils benefit from planned curriculum continuity and the process of transfer is as smooth and effective as possible.

Pupils joining us are placed in schools within the Academy, thereby enabling us to tailor the teaching and learning to best fit the pupil's needs.


Home School Contract/Parent Charter

Any pupil joining Winifred Holtby Academy is expected to sign, along with their Parents/Carers and the Academy, the Home School Contract.

The Home School Contract is a document which aims to foster partnership between pupil, Parent/Carer and the Academy, by setting out clear expectations. The Home School Contract is designed in such a way that, if adhered to it, will ensure that pupils are given the maximum opportunity to achieve their potential.