Parents/carers will receive assessment data three times during the academic year, containing progress data of all of their child’s subjects.

In Year 7, the grade will be a 1-9 in line with the new GCSE grading, where 9 represents the highest grade. Each grade will be accompanied by a sub-grade from 1-3, where 1 is secure and 3 is insecure.

So a grade of 3.1 shows that the pupil is currently working at a secure GCSE grade 3.

In Year 8 and 9 the progress grade is against the individual’s flight path towards their target grade.

The grades are:
O = Outstanding
G = Good
E = Expected
D = Developing

So a grade of E shows that the pupil is currently making expected progress towards their target grade.

From September 2017 all assessment from Year 7 to 11 will use the 1 – 9 grading and 1 – 3 sub grading in all subjects.