Key Stage 3 Curriculum Outline

Learning Support works successfully with pupils who are below expected outcomes at the end of KS2 and are vulnerable due to special educational needs or disabilities. There are currently small groups across KS3 in Years 7-8, accessing a differentiated and adapted version of the curriculum with a focus on Literacy and Numeracy. 

Pupils will also cover other areas of the curriculum - Geography, History and Philosophy & Ethics - through topic based lessons. 

All lessons within Learning Support will be developed to enhance the social and life skills of all pupils.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

In addition to what is on offer from the faculties taught in Learning Support:

  • Specially adapted enrichment opportunities

Pupils with Disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs

The governor designated to have oversight of this aspect of the Academy is Ms C Bushell. The member of staff having responsibility for identifying and meeting the special needs of pupils, including pupil access, is Ms E Wilkie - coordinator for Disabilities and Special Educational Needs (DSEN).

Special Curricular Arrangements

This Academy is an inclusive Academy. This means that equality of opportunity is a reality for all our pupils.

Some of our pupils may have learning difficulties and are supported in a variety of ways in class, whole groups, small groups or on a one to one basis.

The Academy is committed to providing an environment that allows all pupils full access to all areas of learning. There are three lifts located within the academy which allows pupils access to all areas of the building. Each subject area is colour coded in order to help all pupils - including those with visual impairment - to navigate their way around the building. All our classroom entrances are wide enough for wheelchair access, as are the designated points of entry to our Academy. As part of our transition process we invite Parents/Carers to come on a site visit to obtain their views regarding access for their children. We also invite them to bring their child into the Academy to get their valued opinions.

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences.”
— Audre Lorde

We work with Parents, Carers and outside agencies to modify or solve access issues.

For further information, please see our SEND information and other policies relating to Disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs and Single Equalities, as well as the Disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs Information and the Academy’s Accessibility Plan (published on our website).

Parents and Carers can view the accessibility of the site and the facilities that are available for all pupils by contacting us and arranging an appointment to tour the Academy.