…and the results are in!!


A massive thank you to everyone who helped raise £1000 for Macmillan Cancer Research.


Congratulations to Team Sudtone who are yet again undefeated champions of this House competition!

  • 5th: Riseholme – 100 House points

  • 4th: Wawne – 200 House points

  • 3rd: Hedoncrofte – 300 House points

  • 2nd: Sefholme – 400 House points

  • 1st: Sudtone – 500 House points


A huge thank you to Miss Katrina Whincup (her daughter use to attend WHA) who donated this fabulous cake to raise money for Macmillan. The lucky winner was Miss Kermeen!!

Break time seemed to have a real buzz about it once again! Enjoy a selection of photographs below.


Year 11 Guidance Evening


Thursday 11th October 2018

This event is open from 5.00pm – 7.00pm, please arrive promptly for Theatre Presentations as follows:

W Band - 5.00pm - H Band - 6.00pm

As you are aware, Year 11 will be the most important year of your child’s life so far. The vast majority of pupils in the year group seem focused, on task and understand that they have to put in 100% effort over the coming months. At Winifred Holtby Academy we believe that it is very beneficial for parents and carers to have a good understanding of what is expected during Year 11. We believe that with support and guidance at home, as well as in the Academy, each pupil will reach their maximum potential. With this in mind, I would like to invite you and your child to attend the Winifred Holtby Academy – Year 11 Guidance Evening.

The purpose of the event is to directly increase parental involvement in revision, study and learning, giving parents and carers a better understanding of what will happen during Year 11. This will ensure parents and carers are able to support revision at home, so that all Year 11 pupils can succeed.

The evening will consist of the following:

  • Welcome in The Theatre by Mr Brown, Principal – Say yes to success for your child

  • Practical Tips – Supporting revision at home

  • Post 16 Options

  • Year 11 Information

  • A wide range of Post 16 providers will be present with information stands

  • A range of Study Guides will be available to purchase

A crèche will be available on the evening should you require a place for younger siblings.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday 11th October.

Mrs Roberts

Year 7 Pastoral Evening (Tutors)


Wednesday 3rd October 2018, 4.00 – 7.00pm.

We would like to invite you to your child’s Pastoral Evening. The evening will be an opportunity to meet your child’s tutor and discuss their transition to Winifred Holtby Academy. Tutors will be able to discuss your child’s start at Secondary School, their attendance and achievement as well as any concerns that you may have following your child’s first few weeks with us. Your child’s House team will also be available to speak to. This is a great opportunity to start to build effective and positive relationships to help support your child through their time at Winifred Holtby Academy.

To book your tutor appointment please complete the reply slip and ask your child to return it to their Tutor. If you indicate which hour of the event you would prefer your appointment to be made within, we will make every effort to accommodate you at that time, however appointments will be given on a first come first served basis. Tutors will give your child the appointment time to take home.

If you have younger children and require a place in the crèche, please indicate this on the reply slip and return it to the academy as soon as possible.

Study guides will be available to purchase for your child via ParentPay, further information regarding this will follow.

We look forward to meeting you on the evening.

World Champion


We received some excellent news a few months ago; one of our Stars of the Future Millie competed in the IGC World Championships staged in the United States Florida.

We are pleased to announce Millie is the World Vault Champion for her age and skill category!!!

There were 39 girls in Millie's category from 6 other countries and she was placed 12th on the Beam, 1st for the Vault and overall 4th in the World for the highest aggregate score.

Millie trains at the SVG Gymnastics club in Sutton Village and along with 9 others from the club qualified to compete in the World Championships.

From everyone at Winifred Holtby, congratulations Millie, we are very proud of your wonderful achievements.

Introduction of Biometrics


Biometrics (fingerprint technology) are now considered to be ‘the norm’ in secondary schools. It is estimated that over 2500 secondary schools in the UK are now using biometrics; this is more than half of the secondary schools in the UK. We have decided to introduce this system to Winifred Holtby Academy to replace the current card system which our pupils use to purchase food and drink, print and copy management and for loaning items from the Academy Library.

Biometric recognition can seem to be a much scarier prospect than it really is. We hope the information we have provided previously has alleviated any concerns you may have had, however, if you would like further information about Biometrics please do not hesitate to contact us on the Academy main reception number.

Biometric systems have very positive benefits; parents will no longer have to buy replacement cards; queues, at both break and lunchtime, will be greatly reduced because the process of identification of pupils is much quicker.

Biometric Fingerprint recognition system.

How to register your child:

  • Download the form here or collect a form from the Academy reception
  • Complete and sign the form
  • Return the form to the Academy with your child

Our best ever results!


Our 2018 results are the best ever recorded at the Academy and clearly demonstrate significant and secure improvements across all subjects. This year our pupils sat the new, more challenging and rigorous GCSEs but still achieved higher grades than ever before. We are immensely proud of their achievements which are testament to their own hard work, the expertise and dedication of our staff and the support of their families.


Over 60% of Year 11 pupils secured at least a Standard Pass (Grade 4+) in English and mathematics, with 40% achieving at least a Strong Pass (Grade 5+). Over 60% of pupils also secured a Standard Pass in science. Alongside these great outcomes, pupils performed well across the full range of other GCSE and BTEC qualifications.

Over the last few years we have worked tirelessly to raise expectations and aspirations as well as improving the quality of teaching at the Academy. It is clear to see that all of this work is having a positive impact on the outcomes that our young people achieve, opening doors for a much brighter future once they leave Winifred Holtby. However, we are not complacent and remain determined to make further improvements in future years.



Mr Anderson wrote on Team CPA Facebook page - Huge congratulations to all of the Year 11s in Team CPA who have rounded off a fantastic year for the Faculty with a fantastic set of results- the best results the Faculty has seen! We are all so proud of you! Massive well done to all of the pupils on your fantastic achievements, and particularly to all of the 38 pupils who achieved the top grades of Distinction/Distinction*s! Well done to all!

Also, well done to all of the hardworking and dedicated staff in the Faculty who work tirelessly to support the pupils to achieve such a great set of results! And finally, thank you to all of the parents for supporting the work of the Faculty throughout this year. Together we are a team about aspiration, inspiration and hard work! Onwards and upwards- Bring on 2019!

Mr Moore wrote - Dedicated and talented staff + hard working and determined pupils = SUCCESS!

A fantastic day of celebration today - Team English posted its best ever results!

Grade 4+: 76%
Grade 5+: 60%
Grade 7+: 25%
…and x12 Grade 9s!

Well done everyone!


A special prize


Every week pupils with the highest achievement points from their respective Houses have been awarded Star of the Week.

Every term pupils who have won star of the week were entered into a prize draw to win cinema vouchers or love to shop vouchers to spend at a time of their choice. For the final term, we did a special prize draw for four lucky winners to win an ipod each.

Congratulations to Danni, Faith, Kahlen and Thomas who were presented with their ipod on the last day of term by Miss Mennell.

Well done to all winners of Stars of the Week, you are a credit to our Academy, keep up the excellent work and Star of the Week will return in September!

Sports Day 2018


A massive thank you to everybody that either participated in or assisted us in the running of Sports day 2018. The weather was gorgeous, everyone was having fun and the competitive rivalry we witnessed from the Houses was a joy to see.

Congratulations to overall Champions Sefholme who won the trophy for a third year running allowing Mrs Stanforth to sign off in style.

Year 7 Champions - Team Hedoncrofte


Year 8 Champions - Team Hedoncrofte


Year 9 Champions - Team Sefholme


Year 10 Champions - Team Sefholme


Spirit of Sports Day - Team Sudtone


A huge thanks to Team PE - brilliantly organised and something for everyone to have a go at. Bring on Sports Day 2019!

We are the Champions!!!


Throughout the year every pupil has been collecting Achievement points to contribute to their overall House totals.

After 39 weeks of hard work in lessons, competitive and determination in House Competitions, extra-curricular and homework/after school sessions, we can now confirm the final results on the House Leader Board.

Congratulations go to Team Sudtone who have been crowned the 2017/18 House Champions.

Mr Richardson could not hide the smile on his face, he said  “Our badminton success made us all believe that we have a very good chance, I’m very proud to of lead this fantastic team.”

I’m so proud of each and every one of our pupils who have helped contribute to our final total.”
— Mrs Smithson

Miss Coulson said “ What can I say that’s not already been said, we are the Champions!

Final House Leader Board Results:

  • Sudtone: 91720
  • Riseholme: 91604
  • Wawne: 90824
  • Sefholme: 89533
  • Hedoncrofte: 89201

Super Proud


Team Sudtone are super proud of Georgina for braving the shave in August, such a wonderful charity to support!  We look forward to seeing you in September, please offer Georgina your support by following the link below.

This is really important to me because my granddad had cancer and when I found out it really upset me, then when I found out that he had beat it I was over the moon however, it saddened me that some people only get the bad news and are still in wait for the good. Also I would be really excited to give somebody else my hair as a wig especially through their difficult times.”
— Georgina

Sports Day 2018


Sports Day 2018 - The format will be the same as last year with pupils competing in their year groups for their Houses in a variety of events and there will also be a number of try it events  on offer for staff and pupils to take part in subject to availability (Agility wall, speed gun challenge, Inflatable Assault course, Wheel chair basketball and Climbing wall).

On the day PE staff will be responsible for coordinating fixtures and results and officiating events. They will not be responsible for any team issues or ensuring pupils are at their events at the correct time or running the try it events. Please ensure that consent forms for the Try it activities have been completed in advance as pupils will not be issued a band and therefore be ineligible to take part without one.  

There is also a possibility of a second instalment of the staff relay race on the inflatable at the end of the day. Which House will win?


KS3 Morning session 9am-11.45am

  • Year 7 Netball - Max 10 players
  • Year 7 Athletics - Max 8 competitors
  • Year 7 Swimming - 4 Competitors
  • Year 7 Football - Max 10 players
  • Year 8 Netball - Max 10 players
  • Year 8 Athletics - Max 8 competitors
  • Year 8 Swimming - 4 Competitors
  • Year 8 Football - Max 10 players

KS4 Morning session 9am-11.45am

  • Year 9 Rounders - Unlimited players
  • Year 9 Badminton - 2 competitors
  • Year 9 Fitness Challenge 4 Competitors
  • Year 9 Dodgeball - 10 Players
  • Year 9 Swimming - 2 Competitors
  • Year 10 Rounders - Unlimited players
  • Year 10 Badminton - 2 competitors
  • Year 10 Fitness Challenge 4 Competitors
  • Year 10 Dodgeball - 10 Players
  • Year 10 Swimming - 2 Competitors

KS3 Afternoon session 12pm-2.20pm

  • Year 7 Rounders - Unlimited players
  • Year 7 Badminton - 2 competitors
  • Year 7 Fitness Challenge 4 Competitors
  • Year 7 Dodgeball - 10 Players
  • Year 8 Rounders - Unlimited players
  • Year 8 Badminton - 2 competitors
  • Year 8 Fitness Challenge 4 Competitors
  • Year 8 Dodgeball - 10 Players

KS4 Afternoon session 12pm-2.20pm

  • Year 9 Netball - Max 10 players
  • Year 9 Athletics - Max 8 competitors
  • Year 9 Football - Max 10 players
  • Year 10 Netball - Max 10 players
  • Year 10 Athletics - Max 8 competitors
  • Year 10 Football - Max 10 Players

Hull Schools Athletics Championships


A huge well done to all our pupils that represented the Academy at the Hull Schools Athletics Championships at Costello Stadium yesterday.

Some amazing individual results and great teamwork and camaraderie shown by all. You did yourselves and the Academy proud, please click on the button below for a full results breakdown and enjoy our photo gallery from our snapper Mrs Morris.

We are Premier League!


On Friday 29th June a group of 68 pupils represented the Academy in the Northern Final of Rock Challenge. I am proud to announce that they came 2nd place, which means that Winifred Holtby Academy are now an elite Premier Division team! This status is something that the pupils are very proud of, as this means that pupils from Winifred Holtby Academy are now amongst the best in the country!


It was another fantastic day which began at 6.00am in the morning as pupils arrived in time to leave the Academy at 7.00am. Pupils arrived at Grimsby Auditorium very excited about the day ahead- chanting and cheering. After a successful morning rehearsal, followed by watching the other schools rehearse and seeing their teachers dance on stage, it was time to get ready for the evening performance. The pupils put on their costumes, had their hair and make-up done and sat focused ready to perform. They were then called to the stage. After waiting in the corridor with a mixture of nerves and excitement the time came to perform. Every pupil on stage was focused on the goal and performed amazingly with lots of energy throughout the full performance. The judges commented very positively on the performance and then it was time to wait for fate to take its toll- what will be, will be!  


On the night the pupils won 10 Awards of Excellence:

  • Award of Excellence - Choreography
  • Award of Excellence - Concept
  • Award of Excellence - Performance Skill
  • Award of Excellence - Drama Skills
  • Award of Excellence - Sound Track
  • Award of Excellence - Stage Use
  • Award of Excellence - Visual Enhancement
  • Award of Excellence - Lighting
  • Award of Excellence - Video Performance
  • Award of Excellence - Entertainment

After the Awards of Excellence were announced it came down to who had placed in the top 5!

The results were as follows:

  • 5th Place- Cockburn School
  • 4th Place- The Priory Academy LSST
  • 3rd Place- Wolfreton School and Sixth Form College
  • 2nd Place- Winifred Holtby Academy
  • 1st Place- Sheffield Springs Academy

After the results the pupils were chanting, screaming, crying as they were so proud of what they had achieved- and rightly so! (Including tears from some members of staff, and not who you may think).


A huge thank you must go to the staff who supported on the day, and the days leading up to the event: Miss Selby, Mrs Crees, Mrs Stark (including Michelle’s daughter Gemma who did wonders with hair and make-up), Mr Freeman, Mrs Hoy, and last but not least Mr Ostler for helping us to construct our most ambitious set to date (even if you did doubt my crazy ideas!).


Final word must go to the pupils. I cannot begin to explain what an amazing group of young people they are- they are a shining example of some of the fantastic pupils we have at Winifred Holtby. Their conduct during the day was exemplary and to see how they have developed over the years was incredible; they were not overawed by the occasion or the fact that they were competing against schools with Sixth Form A-Level dancers, they had an inner belief and self-confidence that if they tried their hardest and gave it everything they had then they would be rewarded for their hard work- which they were!


The piece this year meant a lot to the pupils and staff involved, sending out a positive message that no matter what difficulties you face in life you must be resilient and always continue to pursue your dreams- which is what all of our pupils did and they were rightly rewarded with the status and prestige of being an elite Premier school after at least five years of trying! Can’t ask any more than that J

Mr Anderson

Pictures courtesy of Nick Scott Photography

Prison Me No Way


On Tuesday, 26th June, we had the pleasure of once again welcoming the Prison Me No Way team to Winifred Holtby Academy.

Year 8 had been briefed on the day by tutors and were full of anticipation for the event!

The day began with everyone gathering in the Theatre to meet the PMNW team.  Strict instructions were given to pupils: demonstrating what it is like inside prison without a phone and with having to follow orders to the letter.  We were then shown information on the use of mobile phones while driving.  This was made all the more sobering with real life accounts from victims and families of those injured or killed through using a phone while driving.


Once we were dismissed from the Theatre, each tutor group went to their first activity.  We had a whole host of different workshops from Victim Support to Fire and Rail Safety and from role playing anti-social behaviour and examining the consequences to learning what happens in a Magistrates' Court.  Two of the most popular events were Life Sentence - with pupils learning about the perils of dangerous driving and the impacts of this on family and friends of victims, as well as on the emergency services; and Choices - where pupils learnt about what life inside prison is really like from four inmates who are all currently serving sentences for a range of crimes.  Both of these events had a visible impact on several pupils who found the experiences 'moving' and spoke about how listening to these stories had really made them think about the consequences of crime.  Pupils also got to experience what it is like to be locked inside a prison cell, in cramped conditions, often with a cell mate.  They talked about the lack of privacy and how they would find this particularly difficult.


The day culminated in a celebration of the day's events and the excellent participation of pupils who were selected from each tutor group.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable, and informative, day and look forward to next year's Prison Me No Way event!

Remarkable Stars


Congratulations to the following pupils who have won Star of the Week last week.

  • Hedoncrofte: Kara - 93
  • Riseholme: Caitlin – 55
  • Sefholme: Freya – 61
  • Sudtone: Paris – 54
  • Wawne: Shona – 81

These pupils have had the most Achievement points in their House last week.


A special prize will take place on Wednesday 18th July for all Star of the Week winners to have a chance of winning an ipod. We have 4 of them to giveaway. The more times you have won, the more chances you have to win.

Class of 2018 Prom


A huge thank you to Miss Dolan, Miss Marshall and Mrs Smithson for your hard work in making the Class of 2018 Prom a totally amazing one.


The whole evening was just perfect from start to finish and you totally excelled in the Awesome Venue that is the KCOM Stadium. It was very grand and it was clear to see how much our amazing pupils loved every minute of it.


Thank you to our amazing pupils, you are an eclectic mix of people: sportsmen and sportswomen, artists, dancers, scientists, singers, musicians, academics, a variety of gym addicts and many comedians.


It has been an emotional journey for all of us. If there is one thing that comes to mind when we think about this year group it is the mature and sophisticated way that many of you have handled one of the most stressful times you will ever experience in your life. The large amount of friendly, caring and supportive people that make up Year 11.


So what happens next is up to you! Hopefully all of your hard work has paid off and you can reap the rewards in August on results day.


Your future can be whatever you want it to be as long as you believe in yourself and are proud of your achievements.


Make sure you order your Yearbook for £10 on ParentPay. Thank you to the Class of 2018!

Exceptional Stars


Stars of the Week have been announced, congratulations to the following pupils who have won their award this week.

  • Hedoncrofte: Asa - 36
  • Riseholme: Hayley – 23
  • Sefholme: Jaycee – 24
  • Sudtone: Harry – 32
  • Wawne: Rian – 37

These pupils have had the most Achievement points in their House last week.

A special prize will take place on Wednesday 18th July for all Star of the Week winners to have a chance of winning an ipod. We have 4 of them to giveaway. The more times you have won, the more chances you have to win.




Congratulations to the following pupils who have won Star of the Week:

  • Hedoncrofte: Kara - 70
  • Riseholme: Luice – 65
  • Sefholme: Jay – 122
  • Sudtone: Leia – 124
  • Wawne: Macy – 68

These pupils have had the most Achievement points in their House last week.

A special prize will take place on Wednesday 18th July for all Star of the Week winners to have a chance of winning an ipod. We have 4 of them to giveaway. The more times you have won, the more chances you have to win.


Introducing your new Head Boy and Girl...


Congratulations to Harvey and Amy on becoming our Head Boy and Girl 2018/19.

A massive well done to all the Head Boy and Head Girl candidates that were up for election today. We now have a super team that will lead the Prefects and Academy Council. They’ll all be fantastic in their new roles and I look forward to working with them all over the coming year.”
— Mrs Hoy

Meet the Tutor Evening


A  letter with the time of your presentation will be sent out by post week beginning 11th June 2018.

We are pleased to invite you to our Year 6 Admissions Evening on Wednesday 20th June 2018.  This is a very important evening because it provides you with an opportunity to meet your child’s tutor and House team.

The session will start with a short informative talk in the Theatre by Mr Brown the Principal, followed by the opportunity to meet your child’s tutor and tour the academy site accompanied by your House Team Prefects.

We will be sending out further details together with the Academy Admission Document which should be completed and returned to us on the evening. It is vital that we received this completed document because children cannot be legally admitted onto the Academy role without it.

Please note that your son/daughter is able to wear their primary school uniform during the two-day transition on Monday 16th July and Tuesday 17th July 2018

We look forward to seeing you on the evening