Halloween Cinema Night


Winifred Holtby are hosting a Cinema Night at the end of half term for all pupils who have made an excellent start to Year 7. Your hard work will be rewarded and you will earn an invitation from Miss Thompson next week.

You will return to school at 5pm in your non uniform to enjoy a night with your friends.

Popcorn and drinks will be provided. Invites will be going out next week, well done to those pupils who have earned their reward.

Lesson 6 Rewards


We have a Lesson 6 rewards system in place at the Academy

How It Works:

Pupils have a Lesson 6 stamp sheet that needs to glued into their planner on a Lesson 6 page (42). Each Lesson 6 equals one stamp.

The first reward is 20 stamps which is 2 free lunches. Once pupils achieve 20 stamps they are rewarded.

  • Bronze 20 stamps

  • Silver 50 stamps

  • Gold 75 stamps

  • Platinum 100 stamps

Pupils also go into a prize draw and can win tutor prizes ranging from Dominos pizza lunch to a non school uniform day for their tutor.

The pupils that achieved the highest grades last year attended at least 3 Lesson 6 sessions a week.  Please encourage your son and daughter to attend as it is an expectation pupils fill the gaps in learning to improve their knowledge on a subject area.

Below is our Lesson 6 Timetable:


Year 11 Guidance Evening


Year 11 Guidance Evening – Tuesday 15th October 2019

This event is open from 5.00pm – 7.00pm, doors will open from 4.30pm, please arrive promptly for Theatre Presentations as follows: W Band - 5.00pm - H Band - 6.00pm.

As you are aware, Year 11 will be the most important year of your child’s life so far. The vast majority of pupils in the year group are focused, on task and understand that they have to put in 100% effort over the coming months. At Winifred Holtby Academy we believe that it is very beneficial for parents and carers to have a good understanding of what is expected during Year 11. We believe that with support and guidance at home, as well as in the Academy, each pupil will reach their maximum potential. With this in mind, I would like to invite you and your child to attend the Winifred Holtby Academy Year 11 Guidance Evening.

The purpose of the event is to directly increase parental involvement in revision, study and learning, giving parents and carers a better understanding of what will happen during Year 11. This will ensure parents and carers are able to support revision at home, so that all Year 11 pupils can succeed.

The evening will consist of the following:

  • Welcome in The Theatre by Mr Brown, Headteacher

  • Practical Tips – Supporting revision at home by Mr C Dorsett

  • Year 11 Information

  • A range of Revision Guides will be available to purchase (cash only at this event)

  • A wide range of Businesses/Providers and Year 11 Teaching Staff will be available to discuss a range of Post 16 opportunities in the Orangery and the Forum

A crèche will be available on the evening should you require a place for younger siblings.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 15th October.

Mr Dorsett

Mrs Roberts celebrating success with our current year 10s – Class of 2021!


It was fantastic to see so many year 10s at our celebration evening. I hope that you were all inspired to strive to maintain your dedication and commitment towards your own personal goals. On Thursday, during the personal comments, there were several attributes repeatedly mentioned: independence, resilience, determination, effort, commitment – undoubtedly all of these will ensure you are successful. All the Going for Gold winners had these attributes and I’m looking forward to welcoming you all onto the stage in 2021 to celebrate another set of outstanding results.

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2019


A massive thank you to everyone who helped raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research on Friday. The House teams got together and a combined total we raised £377.74.


A huge thank you to Miss Katrina Whincup who donated this fabulous cake to raise money for Macmillan. The lucky winner was Mrs Sharp.


Break time seemed to have a real buzz about it once again! Enjoy a selection of photographs below..


In Your Blood


On Tuesday 25th September, as part of our careers programme and partnership with the NHS the ‘In Your Blood’ event was held at Winifred Holtby Academy. The event was extremely exciting, interesting and informative and gave pupils a fantastic insight into the world of medicine. Amongst other things pupils were also shown how to take blood and allowed to practice (using a practice venepuncture arm), they extracted DNA from fruit, had their blood pressure and oxygen levels taken and much more.


Pupils also the opportunity to speak to staff from the various departments within the NHS and find out what job opportunities are available, the qualifications needed and the pathways and routes to get there. Parents and Carers were invited to come along between 3pm and 5pm to find out for themselves what careers paths the NHS can offer. The event was a huge success and we will be holding similar events in the future.


A big thank you to all the NHS staff that were involved in helping to make the event so interactive and inspiring.

Headteacher’s Award


This year’s recipient of the Headteacher’s Award is Miller Hookem.

Miller joined Winifred Holtby Academy from St Andrew’s Primary School in September 2014. He maintained outstanding attendance throughout his time with us and had an equally outstanding attitude to learning and behaviour record throughout his 5 years here.

Miller joined us with strong Key Stage 2 outcomes and it was always clear that he would achieve well academically if he put in the work and the effort.

GCSE Results day was certainly a day of celebration for Miller when he was finally rewarded for 5 years of hard work, determination and commitment to his studies.

Miller achieved 6 Grade 9s in his GCSEs - the highest personal achievement at this level in the Academy’s history: It’s important to note that this year, only 4% of pupils across the country achieved the highly prestigious Grade 9, a grade which is more difficult to achieve than the old Grade A*. Therefore, to achieve six GCSE’s at Grade 9, Miller has certainly put himself up there with the very highest achieving pupils across the country. Miller’s Grade 9s were awarded in:

  • Geography

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

In addition, Miller was awarded Grade 8 in mathematics, A* in Further mathematics, Distinction* in Food and in Business and a Grade 6 in French.

Miller’s reaction on results day can be best described as humble. He opened his envelope, sat very quietly and didn’t show off about how well he’d done. He appeared quietly emotional as it dawned on him just how well he had done. I also think that he was beginning to realise that all of his incredible hard work had finally paid off.

At Winifred Holtby Academy, we often talk to pupils about the need to aim for the top and achieve as highly as possible in order to open doors for the future. It is fair to say that many doors are well and truly open now for Miller.

Many of the staff were keen to share their reflections on Miller during his time here.

Mrs. Aspinall says that Miller was an incredibly independent worker in Business. He completed his coursework ahead of all deadlines. His quiet support of his peers was also lovely to witness. He also has a very dry sense of humour, which often lightened the atmosphere in class.

Mrs. Crawforth says that Miller approached his English studies at Winifred Holtby with the same playful but focused attitude that he does everything in life. He worked especially hard to improve his vocabulary and produced some truly exceptional creative writing. His enthusiasm and excellent work ethic will stand him in good stead for all he will undoubtedly achieve in the future.


Mr. Styles describes Miller as very humble. He helped others and shared what he had learned with them. He put a lot of effort in behind the scenes, but did not make a fuss about anything; he just got on with it and did his best.

Mr. Gent also considers Miller a fantastic choice for this award describing him as super polite, cheerful and always optimistic. Miller routinely stayed back for lesson 6/7 and worked extremely hard for every grade he got. He and is a credit to his family, the academy and, most importantly, himself.

Mrs. Emms, Miller’s French teacher, says that Miller was an absolute pleasure to teach and will be greatly missed. He always brought a wonderful smile and an infectious enthusiasm with him to every lesson and would often arrive with a new phrase or sentence (and even the occasional joke) he had learnt at home. I feel incredibly privileged to have taught such a dedicated and hard-working student and he almost brought a tear to my eye after he absolutely smashed his speaking exam! I wish Miller all the very best in his future and I have no doubt he will go on to do amazing things. Keep on chanting “on va réussir, on va réussir”!

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate Miller on being the worthy recipient of this year’s Headteacher’s award. We are extremely proud of everything you have achieved, Miller, and know that you will go on to achieve great things. As Mr Gent has already stated, you are an absolute credit to the academy, your family, but most importantly to yourself. We wish you well in your future studies and look forward to hearing from you in years to come.

Excellent attitude


Tom has been nominated for star of the week for his hard work in lessons and having a really positive start to Year 11. We are really impressed with his attitude towards lesson 6 and in lessons, especially in construction where he has completed sections of his coursework in record time and to a great standard. I have no doubt tom will continue to push the boundaries of his ability and achieve great things in Year 11.

Well done Tom!

Jointing Chickens


Year 8 pupils really got stuck in jointing chickens last week in their food lesson, learning about the different cuts and how to separate each piece. The whole chickens were kindly donated by Cranswick Country Foods, who are partnering with us on this project, we also had Andrew and David over from Cranswick to support the pupils as they completed this first stage.

More to come as we use the various cuts to make different dishes throughout the next term!

Year 7 Parent/Carer Evening (Tutors)


Wednesday 25th September 2019, 4.00 – 7.00pm.

We would like to invite you to your child’s Pastoral Evening.  The evening will be an opportunity to meet your child’s tutor and discuss their transition to Winifred Holtby Academy.  Your tutor will be able to discuss your child’s start at Secondary School, their attendance and achievement as well as any concerns that you may have following your child’s first few weeks with us.  Your child’s House Team will also be available to speak to.  This is a great opportunity to start to build effective and positive relationships to help support your child through their time at Winifred Holtby Academy.

To book your tutor appointment please complete the reply slip attached and ask your child to return it to the main reception.  If you indicate which hour of the event you would prefer your appointment to be made within, we will make every effort to accommodate you at that time and your child’s tutor will send home an appointment time.  If you have younger children and require a place in the crèche, please indicate this on the reply slip attached to this letter and return it to the Academy as soon as possible. 

Revision guides for your child will be available to purchase shortly, further details will follow.

We look forward to meeting you on the evening.

Career Opportunities within the NHS

The NHS will be in the Academy on Tuesday 24th September – KS4 pupils will have the opportunity to learn about the different career opportunities within the NHS and try out some of the activities on offer, including sessions with the Medical Mavericks.

Parents are invited to come in between 3pm and 5pm to talk to NHS staff and take part in the activities themselves.

Outstanding Attitude


Ryan has started Year 11 following on from his outstanding attitude in Year 10 which has only strengthened his ability to achieve positive outcomes this year. I have no doubt this has been a major factor in Ryan receiving ‘Star of the Week’ nominations from staff, therefore backing up his fantastic work ethic towards his class work and his after school lesson 6 attendance.

Ryan had the best OCR result of the Year 11 Cohort and completing his coursework ahead of schedule.”
— Miss Mennell

“Excellent attitude to lesson 6, keep up the good work Ryan.” - Mr Bean

Hike completed


Just before Christmas last year we had the devastating news that my Mam had pancreatic cancer. We had so many questions we wanted answering and we were at a loss as to what to do. Many google searches and hospital visits later we kept coming across Macmillan and their support in those early days after the diagnosis was invaluable. I felt that I wanted to do something to help my mam fight this awful disease but I didn’t know what. I saw an advert for the Macmillan Mighty Hikes come up on my Facebook feed and thought that I quite fancied that. I asked about to see if anyone would do it with me and finally I found my walking partner Chris Marshall. We signed up on a cold February day, pledged to raise £250 each and we were off. We were set to walk 26 miles in the Peak District on July 27th.


Training started in the Easter holidays and we had about 20 weeks to build up our stamina from that first 4 mile walk. I was very confident when I signed up……. After the first training walk I wondered how on Earth I was going to turn 4 miles into 26 miles. My feet hurt, my hips hurt and it rained!

Rain turned out to be a feature of many of our walks. The money spent on my waterproof was well and truly worth it. We have seen some great sights on our walks, been in some lovely cafes and pubs and had some really relaxing, mind clearing Saturday mornings. I have really got the walking bug and had no idea that there was so many great places to visit just outside of Hull.


Our fundraising started off well, there are not any people who have not been touched by cancer in one form or another and people were incredibly generous. At school the House teams pledged their support and they came up with the fantastic idea of selling ice lollies and ice pops in the Summer term. We set up shop on a break and lunch and the pupils loved the treats. We set up a stall at the Summer Fayre and at sports day and the money just kept coming in. The academy staff and pupils were very generous and very supportive of our fundraising. As we left for the Summer we had raised over £3000.

After a blistering heatwave at the end of July we set off to the Peak District to do the walk. The heatwave didn’t affect us because it rained! For 18 out of the 27 ( it was longer than they said it was ) miles it was torrential rain. It didn’t stop us though. Over 2500 people set out on the mighty hike that morning, all with their own reasons and stories to share.


The walk was a fantastic experience, we thoroughly enjoyed it despite the weather conditions and the mud. After 9 hours and 34 minutes we crossed the finish line in positions 269 and 270. We were chuffed to bits with that.

I would love to do another and I’m still enjoying the walks in our local area.

The final total raised was £3581.89. Thanks for your support- it is very much appreciated.

This year we will be fundraising for Dover House Hospice and Team WHA will be completing the Dove House Wine Dash Saturday 13th June 2020. We will be setting up the ice cream shop again in the Summer and will have other fundraising events through the year. If you are interested in joining the team in June please contact me at the school.


Year 5/6 Open Evening


The evening will provide you with an opportunity to view our outstanding educational facilities and observe first-hand what Winifred Holtby Academy can offer to your child.

We are a very popular and oversubscribed Academy that provides the best opportunities for your child to excel. It is our aim that every pupil at Winifred Holtby Academy is happy and successful.

Expectations and standards have risen consistently and as of 1st September 2019 the Academy has become a full member of the highly successful Consortium Academy Trust further strengthening our offer to pupils.

If you want your child to continue with a high quality education in a caring and aspirational environment then Winifred Holtby Academy should be your school of choice.

As an Academy we offer many Enrichment Opportunities, these are detailed in our prospectus. The Academy Prospectus will be available on the evening.

On the evening, there will be short presentations in the Theatre at half hour intervals commencing at 4:45pm.

I am positive that you will be encouraged by what you see at Winifred Holtby Academy and our dedicated team of Pupils, Staff and Governors look forward to seeing you on the night.

Mr Brown (Headteacher)

Immensely proud


Once again, we are immensely proud of our Year 11 pupils’ achievements this year. There have been some outstanding individual achievements across the full ability range, with many pupils making much better progress than expected. This year’s results are a reflection of the hard work and commitment of the pupils and the staff. However, we must also thank all of the Parents and Carers who have provided their full support and encouragement throughout the five years.


This year’s many success stories clearly illustrate that hard work, high aspirations and excellent attendance along with positive and successful partnerships between home and the Academy help to maximise GCSE outcomes at the end of Year 11.


In addition to our continual drive to raise standards for all pupils, we have been working hard to ensure that the most able pupils are appropriately stretched and challenged at Winifred Holtby Academy. As a result of this work, we are delighted that 20% of all grades awarded this year were at Grade 7-9. In addition, for the first time ever, 5 of our pupils achieved 5 or more GCSEs at Grade 9, placing them comfortably in the top 5% of pupils across the country. This is something we are all really proud of.

Many subject areas also recorded outstanding success this year. In English, 23% of pupils recorded at least Grade 7 and in triple science, 30% of all grades awarded were Grade 9. More subjects than ever recorded 100% pass rate at Grade 4, or equivalent, these included biology, physics, business studies, performing arts, sport, childcare, statistics, food and nutrition and graphics.


However, we are not complacent and, as always, we remain determined to build upon our successes and remain ambitious for the future. We are committed to providing the very best for every pupil and look forward to celebrating improvements year on year.

We wish all of our pupils the very best for the next stage of their education, training or employment and look forward to hearing about their future successes.

Enjoy our gallery below


Hull Children's Book Awards


The votes are in for the 2019 KS3 James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book Award.

This year we have TWO winning authors as chosen by the children of Hull. Congratulations to Ali Sparkes and Tom Palmer.

The Hull Children’s Book awards 2019 was a pleasure to experience. The theme of the Big Top tent was so magical and exciting. I am looking forward to reading the nominated books, and attending next year. I can’t believe my vote really mattered, and I’m so happy that Ali Sparkes won.”
— Jack Bowers


The Hull Children’s Book Awards was amazing. I liked reading the five books, as they were all different genres. The Big Top tent in East Park was exciting and a magical place. My favourite part was listening to the authors talk about the books and then discussing the books with other students. I wanted “Nevermore” or “Night Speakers” to win and “Night Speakers” came joint first with “Armistice Runner.”
— Sophie Shield

“The Hull Children’s Book Award was something I really enjoyed taking part in. Reading the nominated books means you read something that you may never have picked up. Inside the circus tent, it was magical atmosphere. Meeting the authors and learning about their inspiration for their stories and characters was another amazing part of this unforgettable experience. I will definitely take part again next year!” - Ava Brinkley

“It was interesting hearing what the different authors did before they started writing books. My favourite book was “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow, by Siobhan Curham. The voting day was fun, and I will definitely go again next year!”- Henry Sigsworth

”The Hull Children’s Book Awards were intriguing and enjoyable for all ages. Hence, it was a magical experience, and held the real elements of what reading and debating books is all about in its true form. I hope I can take part in these book awards again.” - Danni Hall

Prison Me No Way


On Thursday 27th June, we had the pleasure of welcoming the brilliant Prison Me No Way Trust team back to Winifred Holtby Academy to work with our Year 8 pupils. The PMNW Trust works to raise awareness amongst young people about the causes, consequences, penalties and impact of crime and risky behaviour.


The day was filled with engaging and informative activities: from Magistrates and mock trials to a presentation from the Fire Service and Network Rail on safety; and from a talk by an ex-offender to a workshop on anti-social behaviour. Our pupils had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed what the PMNW team had to offer. Their level of engagement and the quality of the questions they asked was superb. It was also great to see our older pupils recall their PMNW way event from previous years – something that stands in testament to the powerful impact that the PMNW team have.


We had lots of positive feedback from pupils, staff and from our visitors and very much look forward to welcoming the Prison Me No Way team back next year!