Congratulations to the following pupils who have won Star of the Week:

  • Hedoncrofte: Kara - 70
  • Riseholme: Luice – 65
  • Sefholme: Jay – 122
  • Sudtone: Leia – 124
  • Wawne: Macy – 68

These pupils have had the most Achievement points in their House last week.

A special prize will take place on Wednesday 18th July for all Star of the Week winners to have a chance of winning an ipod. We have 4 of them to giveaway. The more times you have won, the more chances you have to win.


Introducing your new Head Boy and Girl...


Congratulations to Harvey and Amy on becoming our Head Boy and Girl 2018/19.

A massive well done to all the Head Boy and Head Girl candidates that were up for election today. We now have a super team that will lead the Prefects and Academy Council. They’ll all be fantastic in their new roles and I look forward to working with them all over the coming year.”
— Mrs Hoy

Meet the Tutor Evening


A  letter with the time of your presentation will be sent out by post week beginning 11th June 2018.

We are pleased to invite you to our Year 6 Admissions Evening on Wednesday 20th June 2018.  This is a very important evening because it provides you with an opportunity to meet your child’s tutor and House team.

The session will start with a short informative talk in the Theatre by Mr Brown the Principal, followed by the opportunity to meet your child’s tutor and tour the academy site accompanied by your House Team Prefects.

We will be sending out further details together with the Academy Admission Document which should be completed and returned to us on the evening. It is vital that we received this completed document because children cannot be legally admitted onto the Academy role without it.

Please note that your son/daughter is able to wear their primary school uniform during the two-day transition on Monday 16th July and Tuesday 17th July 2018

We look forward to seeing you on the evening

Easter Egg Appeal


Dove House Hospice has a total yearly running cost of 7.5M and is funded for the equivalent of just 37 days per year.  This year the hospice hopes the Easter Egg Appeal will raise in excess of £8,000.

Back in April the Hedoncrofte team raised £100 for the Easter Egg Appeal raffling off a 1 kg luxury chocolate egg which was won by Mrs Madeley. 


Team Hedoncrofte have their next event lined up...the World Cup Sweep Stake! Mrs Dusher has drawn out Australia whilst Mr Fernie has only gone and pulled out England. Mrs Dusher said "I doubt very much that I'll be lifting the cup, but the entertainment value has been priceless."


A true inspiration


A huge congratulations to Kara a year 7 pupil from Hedoncrofte House here at Winifred Holtby Academy.

Since the age of 8 Kara has wanted and planned to help raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Trust, a charity she is very passionate about, by shaving her head. On the Friday 25th May she finally made this a reality and not only did she raise £2,500 to date for Macmillan, she also donated 18cm of her hair to make a wig for a child to ‘Little Princess Trust’ charity.

I am so proud to be the tutor of a very brave young person who has been completely selfless in shaving her hair off for the sake of helping other people get through the most difficult of times. You epitomise everything that our tutor group is trying to be about which is to a kind, selfless human being who are considerate of other people, particularly in difficult circumstances, and I feel immensely proud and so should you! You set the example for everyone in the Academy to make their own mark on society in a really positive way! Finally, the amount of money you have raised by yourself through sheer confidence, drive and determination is outstanding! Well done- I really hope that you continue to make a positive impact on the Academy and society as a whole- I’m sure you will!

A very proud tutor!”
— Mr Anderson

Kara is an inspiration to us all and has now signed up to participate in the ‘Humber Bridge Run’ in fancy dress to raise money for the charity ‘Nice to be Nice’. She said “anyone can come along and walk, jog or run the event, which takes place on the 24th June 2018”.

Head Boy/Girl elections


We have 6 pupils campaigning to be Head Boy and Head Girl (Samuel, Katie, Connor, Amy, Harvey and Olivia) – they all had successful interviews before half-term. The candidates will start their election campaign this week and will be speaking in assemblies all week.

On Monday 11th June elections will take place during tutor time.

Good luck everyone! 

Who will you be voting for?

Visit to Barcelona and Toulouse


Our planning began back in April 2017 with a letter to any pupils interested in visiting Spain and France to use their knowledge of languages in the real world. Pupils from across Years 8-10 came forward by the coach load; two coachloads in fact as we had over 100 pupils interested, and the number eventually settled around 80! Inspired and enthused, we shared our ideas with the pupils on what we could do in each country and how pupils could help each other to survive in both countries.

Soon after the 2017 summer holidays we changed plans and informed parents that we would not be staying in Barcelona itself but in the quiet seaside town of Tossa de Mar just north of the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. We were ready to spend a couple of nights in a 3-star hotel with some traditional Spanish catering, but the only snag being that we had to spend over 24 hours on a coach to get there and the same back again! We then had to find a new tour operator to get us there as the previous one said they could not do it for the originally quoted price.

The pupils of Winifred Holtby were not only ready for the challenge, they were over the moon with the fact the journey would make them think about and embrace two cultures and they would not have the time to ask, “Are we there yet?” as we ventured across France and into the north of Spain.

In early 2018, we launched the final part of the planning: getting parents together at a meeting to ask questions and to find out the detail of the trip; the ideal chance to ask how it would all work taking 80 pupils abroad and keeping them safe and allow them to experience as much of the cultures of France and Spain as possible. Teachers planned a series of worksheets and booklets which would continually push pupils to ensure they were able to reflect on the foreign environment and ensure that our pupils had additional outstanding learning experiences while in France and Spain and even to make them aware of where they were travelling through in England before we arrived on the continent at Dunkirk. What was that river we crossed as we skirted around London? Some of them were in denial (in the Nile! – just one of the poor dad jokes the pupils had to put up with from Mr Horsley) about the facts and were considering which country the river Thames was actually in; one suggestion was Egypt.

At 5 a.m. on Sunday 27th May 2018 the wait was over, and a group of half-asleep but excited teachers, pupils and parents gathered at the Academy and were ready to travel over the full length of France to get to the north-east of Spain. Our main objective was to share our experience of life abroad with the pupils and the joy of being able to communicate in a foreign language in real-life situations. Throughout the time there we were warmly welcomed because our super pupils were eager to engage with the French and Spanish people we met and were truly immersed in their culture and society and represented our school in a much better light than most Brits abroad. One pupil on the trip had to celebrate her birthday by spending nearly the whole of it on a coach, so we did sing to her to mark the occasion of becoming a teenager and what better present than a dictionary and notebook to use on the trip! The trays of cakes and doughnuts carried expertly aboard the coach also helped the celebration.

Travelling to Spain for most people means jumping on an aeroplane, but we chose the scenic route and squeezed onto two coaches that travelled in convoy down to Dover, where one of our pupils was hoping to meet the Captain of the DFDS ferry and get an invitation to steer the ship! Unfortunately, health and safety prevented this, but he was eager to ask again on the return crossing. The rest of us were content with waving farewell to the white cliffs as our European adventure commenced.


Some pupils had already conveniently forgotten that we would be spending the evening, night, and early morning together on a coach with stops for meals and the all-important stretching of legs at the French services where getting confused about the drinks and snacks was to be expected, whether it was a milkshake or a yoghurt drink was only one mistake made! Another dilemma was whether the next stop would have a ‘MacDo’ or would pupils start to assimilate to the French culture and purchase a croissant or baguette or two? The answer was an increasingly comfortable mixture of the two as the trip progressed.

After catching just a few hours of sleep, we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise over the south of France; a stark contrast to the lightning of the night before. We soon learnt that the baby trees the pupils had been admiring were actually the vines that grow the grapes that make France famous for its wines! We also learned that the mountains we were going to cross to get across the Spanish border without being stopped were not the Rockies at all, but the Pyrenees! As pupils gasped at the marvellous scenery they had long forgotten their initial concerns about which coach had the USB charging points for their devices.


The beautiful descent into the seaside resort of Tossa de Mar was the final stage of our mammoth journey and meant that we would soon be able to check in at the hotel and find our allocated rooms to freshen up before walking to the seafront to find somewhere to eat in a welcome change of clothes. While two groups tasted the delights of ‘churros con chocolate’, the rest of us learned the terms for strike and turkey in Spanish and showed of our skills at ‘El Bar Bolera’.


We all swapped activities and added another one into the mix with a walk up to the castle overlooking the bay and where a statue of Ava Gardner, the American actress who filmed there in the 1950s, greeted us as we paused before the final ascent to the ruins at the top and an ideal spot to get a panoramic postcard shot of the peaceful seaside resort of Tossa de Mar in all of its glory with the deep blue Mediterranean in the forefront and luscious green trees on the mountain backdrop – Tossa was the first town in Spain to declare itself an anti-bullfighting town back in 1989, the year Mr Styles first visited Spain as a scruffy student with a backpack and an Inter-rail card!


Adjusting to Spanish eating times meant waiting until 8.30 p.m. to eat our evening meal and there were plenty of takers who were prepared to try the local cuisine, others resorted to the international delicacy of chips and nuggets while Mr Styles chomped on a large salad starter before tackling the ‘jefa’ of the hotel about what could be made vegan for him to eat; a few moments later a large platter arrived with rice, carrots, onions and chickpeas, much to his delight! Other staff tucked into the local seafood and appreciated the tasty specialities and locally grown olives, but the paella was missing! We were all left wondering if the rice dish would appear on the second evening!


Pupils hung on to every word during the trip as each of the French and Spanish-speaking teachers conversed with staff at the hotel, bowling alley, café, restaurant, and hypermarket as well as the lost and found desk at Port Aventura. The atmosphere changed as pupils started reporting back to us on how they had been using their language and managing to communicate what they wanted; those sheets of useful phrases did come in handy after all, especially for the teachers of other subjects who did a great job encouraging pupils to be brave and go for it in the target language without worrying about getting it slightly wrong.

Pupils were so eager to learn about our culture in France and Spain and were full of questions about what they could see around them, if only they had so many questions back in the classroom! Throughout the week I saw the pupils become more confident in a foreign environment and willing to appreciate how things can be done differently; pity they did not believe me that they had to swap sides of the coach as we drove off the ferry onto the other side of the road!


Our first visit of day 3 was the home of FC Barcelona where we had to compete with the Japanese tourists for photo shoots and we shared the magical space despite the language barrier and were very intrigued by each other’s poses! We had grabbed ‘un desayuno picnic’ to eat en route and left as early as possible to avoid the traffic – not quite as manic as the ‘Arc de Triomphe’ in Paris but the slow drive around Barcelona gave us time to admire the buildings!


The next stop on our packed day was to a church and the pupils asked why we were taking them to see a church, probably thinking I had forgotten that they were teenagers! Their faces when they took in the façade of the Sagrada Familia and realised why I had actually showed them a church was quite a picture; picking out the detail in the splendour of Gaudi’s continuing masterpiece, which we managed to walk around and had just enough time to absorb its unique design and watch as the builders continued work on it, when will it be finished? Barcelona is one of the most exciting and energizing cities in the world where the architecture is magnificent and has an almost fairy tale quality and the pupils had been enlightened! Must be the influence of Hull’s year as UK City of Culture that helped them on their way to enlightenment!

Pupils tracked our progress south of Barcelona on the maps we had provided as we headed to the coastal theme park of Port Aventura where a sunny afternoon was spent on fast rides and seeking suitable places to find some fast food too! We nearly all made it back to the coach at the right time, just as well we allowed for some who we thought might be a few minutes late. A few headcounts later and we hit the road past Barcelona back to our hotel for another traditional Spanish ‘cena’.

Each day at the hotel had seen Mr Styles and his team knocking on doors to get pupils up for 6 a.m. and where we had rooms on whole corridors we had the opportunity for a tuneful song to awaken the sleepy travellers. There were some who had a mad rush to get ready as the singing must have sent them back to sleep! On the whole the pupils were very good at keeping to time and being in the right place at the right time and the staff were not bad either!


Seeing all three of the year groups in action was wonderful and reassured us that we did the right thing taking such a big group ably supervised by such devoted staff. The only thing I would do differently is take a cameraman to film the whole adventure, so pupils could go through it repeatedly, but I am sure they have enough selfies and memories of their first European Tour to keep them talking for a while and Mr O’Mara did a super job of capturing the sights on camera.

A hearty breakfast set us up well for day 4 and a journey across the border to Toulouse and a hypermarket experience where there were no fast food restaurants and pupils tried lunch at ‘Flunch’ or ate with the local workers at a ‘Brasserie’ or ‘Pizzeria’ where we all tried to speak a little French as we dined preceded or followed by a spot of shopping in the huge shopping centre.


Lunch there was plan B as the weather did not look good enough for a picnic at the ‘Jardin de Plantes’ and meant we did not need to empty the ‘Carrefour hypermarché’ of ‘baguettes’, ‘brie’ and ‘escargots’, but the rain held off until the journey out of Toulouse later in the day.


We got on the coach and we spent a little time in the centre of the beautiful ‘Pink Town’ of Toulouse for a spot of last-minute gift buying, where we also saw the beautiful avenues and boulevards as well as rugby stadium number two of our trip, the other one being the home of the Catalan Dragons in Perpignan. One pupil had clearly caught an eye for architecture from seeing all the Gaudi designs in Barcelona and commented on how the ‘centre commercial’ was not even finished, d’oh! those lazy French builders taking such long lunch breaks.


The coach journey home was a little quieter as we had finally worn the pupils out and they needed to start to catch up on the lack of sleep over the previous few days. Some stayed awake to appreciate the beauty of the Dordogne. A stop at ‘Charles de Gaulle’ airport near Paris in the early hours meant farewell to our four drivers who had looked after us for most of the trip and we picked up two new drivers to get us home.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved in this trip and look forward to hearing more about pupils’ European adventures as they head out into the world of work and perhaps get the opportunity to spend longer in another country as students or in employment.

The pupils were a delight to travel with and represented the Academy brilliantly and our transport fanatic, Liam, managed to meet the DFDS Captain on the return crossing from Dunkirk to Dover on the Thursday morning after a gruelling alphabetical walk through French then English customs with all our luggage! A decent breakfast aboard was all we were looking forward to after another night on the coach! Then it would only be the traffic on the M25 that would stop us getting back to Hull in good time and unsurprisingly it did!


Did I forget to mention travel sickness? Well, too late to go into any detail now! There were, however, plenty of reminders about how to cope when travelling, when to apply sun cream, where to carry a wallet or a phone, what to wear, when to drink water, where to meet up, how to stick together and not get lost as well as how to cross a road; all the things that parents were not there to nag their children about, so we did it on their behalf!

Photographs by Joey O'Mara and article by Paul Styles

Thank you to the staff:  Mr Styles, Mr Horsley, Mrs Emms, Mrs Rowe, Mr Tornberg, Ms Rule, Miss Sykes, Mr O’Mara, Mr Foster, Mr Smalley & Miss Muir

Disneyland Paris Reward Trip


Excellence Academy pupils were awarded with their reward for this academic year...only a trip to Disneyland Paris!! 


These pupils have been completing tasks set by their subject teachers to help them achieve their high GCSE targets and have been routinely staying behind after school working on their academic studies. As a result they earnt themselves over 250 excellence academy points!

Amazing guys...hard work pays off.


Sunday 1st July

  • 19:00: Depart HOME East Yorkshire Motor Services (HOME is your postal address unless you advise otherwise.) We suggest you bring snacks and a packed lunch for the journey.

Monday 2nd July

  • 01:40: Check-in Channel Port Dover
  • 02:40: Channel Crossing DFDS Seaways
  • 05:10: Arrive Channel Port Calais
  • 10:00: Approx Theme Park Disneyland Paris
  • 19:00: Depart Disneyland Paris

Tuesday 3rd July

  • 00:05: Check-in Channel Port Calais
  • 01:05: Channel Crossing DFDS Seaways
  • 01:35: Arrive Channel Port Dover
  • 09:30: Approx Return HOME

Shining Stars


Congratulations to the following pupils who have won Star of the Week:

  • Hedoncrofte: William - 63
  • Riseholme: Lauren – 42
  • Sefholme: Adam – 37
  • Sudtone: Max – 72
  • Wawne: Dylan – 78

These pupils have had the most Achievement points in their House last week.

A special prize draw for all Star of the Week winners to have a chance of winning an ipod will be announced after half term. We have 4 of them to giveaway. More details coming soon.

Enjoy the half term, you all deserve the break.

A wonderful initiative


Hedoncrofte pupil Kara will be shaving her head tomorrow to help raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Charity.

So far she has risen over £1,000 and she expects that to raise even more. Winifred Holtby are very proud of what she is doing, congratulations Kara you are on your way to doing something great and you’ve made us all so proud. After half term we will let you know how much Kara has risen for such a great cause.

Kara currently plays for Hull Kingston Rovers under 12's girls team and caught up with first team player and Macmillan ambassador Andrew Heffernan who said: “People think rugby players are brave, meeting Kara and hearing her reasons for putting herself out there in order to raise funds for the good of others, that is bravery. Join me in donating as a show of support for what is a wonderful initiative.

Good luck Kara, you’re an extremely brave and an incredible young lady to have raised money in such a confident way! Best of luck from the Hedoncrofte House Team!’’
— Team Hedoncrofte

Love of a language


This afternoon the Spanish Department welcomed two visitors who work for the NHS. Juan Andrés Garcia Abadillo Valencia and Miguel Angel Suarez Olmo are two Spanish nurses who work at Hull Royal Infirmary in the Neurosurgery department and they visited us to talk to the Year 10 GCSE pupils about their work and how they use languages in their life and work. They promoted their love of a language and explained how living and working  in a foreign country has enabled them to improve their skills and meet new people. Our pupils were keen to ask questions about their life and careers and also found out about their impressions of Hull. Juan loves chip spice and Miguel is particularly partial to a pattie – but neither come close to paella or jamón serrano.

A very positive experience for everybody involved and both of our guests were impressed with the Spanish that was used!

The Royal Wedding


The pupils in Learning Support have been learning about the royal family and the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. They have planned and prepared their own Royal Wedding Afternoon Tea Party to be held Friday 18th May. They even went to Aldi to shop for the party!

Barcelona Trip details


Departure: Sunday 27th May 5.30 a.m. load the coach and leave before 6 a.m. Ferry from Dover at 2 p.m. – overnight travel across France

Monday: Arrive at the hotel in Tossa de Mar – explore the town, tasting churros and bowling then buffet evening meal at 8 p.m.

Tuesday: Early breakfast before a tour of Barcelona and the afternoon at Port Aventura then buffet evening meal at 8 p.m.

Wednesday: Travel to Toulouse – afternoon in cafes, hypermarket and picnic by the river – overnight travel across France

Thursday: Arrive in Dunkirk to catch the ferry

Return: 5 p.m. Thursday 31st May



Congratulations to these pupils who have won Star of the Week:

  • Hedoncrofte: Kara - 61
  • Riseholme: Faith – 75
  • Sefholme: Liam – 44
  • Sudtone: Kai – 56
  • Wawne: Dylan – 48

These pupils have had the most Achievement points in their House last week.

After the half term break we will be announcing a special prize draw for all Star of the Week winners to have a chance of winning.

Who will be the Star of the Week in your House next week? It could be you!

Year 10 Parent/Carer Consultation Evening


Thursday 24th May 2018, 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Your child is now almost half way through their GCSE and BTEC examination courses at Winifred Holtby Academy and it is vital that subject teachers have the opportunity to discuss their current progress and attainment.

The consultation meetings will give you the opportunity to discuss such issues as coursework completion deadlines, class work, homework tasks, extra-curricular opportunities, attitudes to learning and how you as a parent/carer can assist your child in making progress.

On the evening you will be provided with a ‘report’ indicating the progress your child has made. An attendance certificate will also be issued; if there are any unauthorised absences you should see a member of your child’s House Team on the evening to clear up the attendance record as this information can be requested for references to employers and post 16 providers at the end of year 11.

On arrival at the Academy please enter through the main entrance where you will be supplied with the pupil progress report, attendance information and details of where teachers can be found. Academy prefects will be on hand throughout the evening to guide you.

As with most Parents Evenings, it is our intention to offer child care facility, this will be located in the Library.

We look forward to seeing you on the evening.

The 'Invincibles'


Hull and East Riding Schools Cup Final

WHA 22 Malet Lambert 10

A massive effort from all 16 players saw us retain the cup and ensure we have remained undefeated for 5 years in a fantastic final and great advert for youth rugby. 


After weathering the early pressure which saw us concede the first try the lads regrouped to take a 12-6 half time lead.
Some strong running and defence in the second half allowed us to build on the lead and we got there in the end despite some stubborn Malet resistance.

Team PE would like to thank the lads (including those not playing) for their efforts over the last 5 years and wish you every success both on and off the field in the future. 
You have been a great group and a pleasure to work with whether that be with Mr Gardiner from years 7-9, Dorsett 10-11 or the Feasey/Pindar double act. 

Bikeability skills


First Step Sports staff came in to work with some of our Yr. 7 and Yr. 8 pupils on their bikeability skills – the weather was perfect and so was the pupils attitude and behaviour. Well done Team Super!

Well done Faith


ISS held a cake event from Monday to Friday of week commencing Monday 23rd April whereby each day a special cake was made with what we called a secret ingredient which was either a fruit or a vegetable.

Pupils were encouraged to purchase the cakes and to fill in a card saying what they thought the secret ingredient was, each day a winner was selected and at the end of the week Faith was picked out of the hat from the 5 daily winners.

Faith has won £20 to spend at any outlet on a voucher system.

This week we are promoting “ Feed your Brain” encouraging pupils to choose a more healthy option such as fruit pots, granola pots, vegetable sticks, water, wholemeal bread, cake with vegetable in to name a few of the items on sale.

On Thursday of this week we are having an American Theme day when the Kitchen side of the Main Forum counter will sell homemade beef burger or sausage and onion hot dog instead of the traditional cottage pie menu. Doughnuts and muffins will also be on sale that day.

Developing key skills in the work place


A small selection of Year 8 and Year 9 pupils have been working with volunteer mentors from businesses from around Hull in order to develop key skills needed in the world of work but to also provide them with vital support in order to break down barriers to their learning.

Pupils experienced a range of activities all planned and delivered by mentors including a visit to Smith & Nephews.

This morning they received a talk from a member of the fire service followed by a presentation of their certificates given out by their mentors.