Class of 2017

A huge thank you to Mrs Madeley, Miss Marshall and Mrs Richardson for your hard work in making the Class of 2017 Prom a totally amazing one.

The whole evening was just perfect from start to finish and you totally excelled in the Awesome Venue. It was very grand and it was clear to see how much our amazing pupils loved every minute of it.

Year 11 - a huge thanks for all of your hard work over not only the past year, but the entire 5 years at the Academy. An even bigger thanks goes to those of you that put the extra effort in by attending Lesson 13s or holiday revision sessions. In life, the more you put in, the more you get out!

Not only do we wish you good luck in your exam results, but whatever you choose to do in your lives – no matter how big or small - whether it be an astronaut or a teacher!

We look forward to celebrating with those of you on Result’s day.

Be kind to each other,
have a positive outlook on life,
and read books!

Take care guys!
— Mr Moore

Healthy Lifestyles Project

Winifred Holtby Academy welcomed Anna Ashbee (Headstart Intelligence) and Juliet O’Sullivan (Life and Fork Yorkshire) to work with our pupils on a leading Healthy Lifestyles Project. Pupils discussed a range of issues surrounding Health and Fitness and how simple tips in their daily routines can influence the Wellbeing of themselves, and the pupils in our Academy.

The activities were engaging and pupils interacted brilliantly with the tasks set. This helped them develop a deeper understanding of how their physical and mental attitude in lessons and everyday life, can be dictated by the foods we eat.

Thanks again to Anna and Juliet

Sports Day 2017 Launch

Mr Pindar will be leading assemblies this week to officially launch Sports Day 2017.

Pupils will be competing in their year groups for their Houses in a variety of events (see below) and there will also be a number of try it events on offer for staff and pupils to take part in subject to availability (Archery, speed gun challenge, Inflatable Assault course, Wheel chair basketball, Climbing wall).

Below (subject to change) is an itinerary of the day.

8.40am - Pupils to meet and register in their tutor rooms. Tutors to reiterate expectations and remind pupils of their activities.

8.50am - Pupils accompanied by the member/s of staff responsible for the team to go to their morning events.

KS3 Morning session 9am-11.45am

  • Year 7 Netball - Max 10 players
  • Year 7 Athletics - Max 8 competitors
  • Year 7 Swimming - 4 Competitors
  • Year 7 Football - Max 10 players 
  • Year 8 Netball - Max 10 players
  • Year 8 Athletics - Max 8 competitors
  • Year 8 Swimming - 4 Competitors
  • Year 8 Football - Max 10 players

KS4 Morning session 9am-11.45am

  • Year 9 Rounders - Unlimited players
  • Year 9 Badminton - 2 competitors
  • Year 9 Fitness Challenge 4 Competitors
  • Year 9 Dodgeball - 10 Players
  • Year 9 Swimming - 2 Competitors
  • Year 10 Rounders - Unlimited players
  • Year 10 Badminton - 2 competitors
  • Year 10 Fitness Challenge 4 Competitors
  • Year 10 Dodgeball - 10 Players
  • Year 10 Swimming - 2 Competitors

11.45am-12pm – Pupils to meet in tutor groups (House teams) on the tennis courts for afternoon registration.

KS3 Afternoon session 12pm-3pm

  • Year 7 Rounders - Unlimited players
  • Year 7 Badminton - 2 competitors
  • Year 7 Fitness Challenge 4 Competitors
  • Year 7 Dodgeball - 10 Players
  • Year 8 Rounders - Unlimited players
  • Year 8 Badminton - 2 competitors
  • Year 8 Fitness Challenge 4 Competitors
  • Year 8 Dodgeball - 10 Players

KS4 Afternoon session 12pm-3pm

  • Year 9 Netball - Max 10 players
  • Year 9 Athletics - Max 8 competitors
  • Year 9 Football - Max 10 players
  • Year 10 Netball - Max 10 players
  • Year 10 Athletics - Max 8 competitors
  • Year 10 Football - Max 10 Players

*Athletics will involve 8 disciplines (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, Shot Putt, Javelin, Long Jump, Triple Jump) plus a4x100m relay.

Each pupil will be limited to 1 track and 1 field event plus the relay.

More information coming soon and letters been sent home. Sports Day is on Friday 7th July.

Netball Champions

As our Year 11 pupils come to the end of their time at Winifred Holtby we thought it was only fitting to acknowledge our Netball Champions and reward them with specially commissioned souvenir books and t-shirts.

I have enjoyed watching, coaching and supporting all of these girls throughout the last five years - tears; laughter; hurt and success have all been part of our journey together and I have no doubt that whatever paths they all choose they will have successful futures ahead of them. They have given me more than I could have ever have hoped for from my first teaching post and wish them every success in their next chapter!
Thank you all for the memories...
And remember: 
The best is yet to come!!!
Love Miss Mennell
— Miss Mennell

Fantastic team spirit

Considering we only had four players this morning and with many representing the Academy for the first time the girls all stepped up and played brilliantly tonight. 
We beat Kelvin Hall and St Mary's College and narrowly lost to Malet Lambert and Sirius West in the final rounds. Fantastic team spirit and another performance that demonstrates what great pupils we have at Winifred holtby!!! Well done girls.