Hull Children's Book Award 2016

Congratulations to the pupils who read and reviewed the five nominated titles and attended the Hull Children’s Book Award debate on 20th April. 

They discussed the books with pupils from other schools, met the authors of all the nominated books, and finally voted for their favourite book. 

It is quite an achievement to read 5 books that are not of your choosing in less than 10 weeks. Pupils had to have a sound knowledge of each book to answers questions and talk about the characters, plot, and what made the book special.

Before the event we were lucky to have three of the authors visit our Academy and talk to Year 7 & 8 pupils about the inspiration for their books.

What the pupils said...

“It was great being here today and finding out who had won the award. It is fun to take part in the book awards, and read the different books, even though there were so many to get through.”
Caitlin 7VHa

This is my third year taking part in the KS3 Book Awards and I really enjoyed meeting the authors. It was fun as the authors had a sense of humour and when you read books you would probably never read by choice.”
— Bethany 9VHe

“This is my first year taking part in the Hull book Awards and it was amazing. I wanted Linda Coggin book; The Dog called Ray to win and she did!”

“I have really enjoyed reading all the books and hearing the authors talk about how they write. My favourite book was The Dog Ray, which won the award.”
Kirsten 7JSo

“The Hull Children’s Book Awards is a fun and enjoyable experience and it makes you read books by different authors. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
Elliott 9AMj

“I enjoyed today and I will definitely do it again next year. Listening to them talk about their books and the suspense of revealing the winning book and hoping to hear that your favourite has won! I wish that My Brother is a Superhero had won though!”
Sam 8Pr