Tracey Seaward Visit

On Thursday the 17th March Tracey Seaward and members of the British Film Industry visited Winifred Holtby Academy and were very impressed with their experience of the Academy and our Year 8 pupils. The pupils listened to Tracey share her experiences of film-making, working on projects like War Horse and The Queen which starred Helen Mirren; she is keen to encourage pupils to go into the creative industry.

Our pupils asked some brilliant questions about the films Tracey had been involved in producing (which are worth checking out). She would like to do more work with our Academy, especially in connection with her work in the Calais Jungle.

Tracey does a great job of promoting languages in her work and is currently learning Spanish, as her friend, film director Fernando Mereilles, is only looking for people who speak Spanish or Portuguese to help him to produce the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics.