European Day of Languages


Congratulations to the teams from Y7-11 who represented their Houses so valiantly last week in the MFL assemblies to celebrate the European Day of Languages.

The pupils coped extremely well with true/false questions on all aspects of European culture, traditions and geography in a competition to beat The Chaser, played expertly by the master of the trivia quiz who has featured on several local and national radio quizzes; the one and only Mr Horsley! A seventies version of Bradley Walsh, played by Herr Styles, tried to fit in as many questions as he could into the two minutes for the nervous contestants, who showed that they are very aware of all things European.

They coped extremely well being quizzed in front of a packed theatre; full of their peers! There was even some audience participation and Head of Houses tried to chivvy their teams along in spite of a P45 prankster and a coughing fit or two!

The teams were very wise in their choice of the set A questions as The Chaser had some rather long-winded and bizarre questions about cultural practices in Europe, but luckily The Chaser knew that ‘Bimbo’ bread comes from Spain and was only beaten once!

Assembly scores

  • 1st: Sudtone - 14 questions answered correctly plus 10 bonus points for beating The Chaser
  • 2nd: Riseholme - 13 questions answered correctly plus 5 bonus points for equalling The Chaser
  • 3rd: Wawne - 17 questions answered correctly
  • 4th: Hedoncrofte - 14 questions answered correctly
  • 4th: Sefholme - 14 questions answered correctly

Tutor Quiz scores

  • Hedoncrofte: 615
  • Wawne: 595
  • Sefholme: 255
  • Riseholme: 75
  • Sudtone: 70