Year 11 Star of the Week


Well done to our 2nd winner of Year 11 Star of the Week! This outstanding Year 11 was nominated by 4 teachers! This week there were many nominations for excellent effort. Year 11 - you are starting to show just how serious you are about this coming year, with over 250 Lesson 6 sessions attended this week alone.

Mrs Farmer wrote, "A truly motivated pupil who has set her sights high and is working hard to achieve her goals. A good attender at lesson 6, completes homework on time and to an exceptionally high standard. Gives her work in class her best attention and she is a great ambassador to the school."

Mr Pickering wrote, "I would like to nominate her for Star of the Week. She is an exemplary student who gives her all in every aspect of her pupil life. She is a keen mathematician with the skill and tenacity to achieve at the highest level, it goes without saying she will be a star to remember."

Since year seven she has been a high achieving pupil, expecting the best from herself and keeping her Art folder in the neatest possible condition. She is not only dedicated to her own learning, but she along with a handful of the year elevens have created a high achieving culture in Art. She has been seen up here since year seven, helping out pupils in the years below always with a smile on her face!”
— Mr O'Mara

Mr Styles wrote, "She is a star in French who goes above and beyond what is expected. She uses her French knowledge to have meaningful conversations; exploring the use of idiomatic phrases at the moment to enhance her written work in preparation for her speaking test."

Congratulations! Keep up the great work Year 11 and maybe next week the Star of the Week could be you! There's a free prom ticket for every Star!