Geography quiz


The Geography House competition required a range of geographical general knowledge: Name the country and capital city from looking at the flag, identify countries from their outlines, identify the location of famous landmarks and work out which places were larger, wider or longer.  From the results we can see that there are some tutor groups in particular with a great geographical knowledge.  Well done!

The overall results for the Geography quiz are as follows:

  • 1st: Wawne - 426 points - 11 Tutor group entries
  • 2nd: Riseholme - 337 points  - 9 Tutor group entries
  • 3rd: Hedoncrofte - 318 points  - 8 Tutor group entries
  • 4th: Sudtone - 219 points  - 8 Tutor group entries
  • 5th: Sefholme - 255 points  - 7 Tutor group entries

A particular mention to 11RPI who scored a fantastic 47/50

As you can see the number of tutor groups taking part had the biggest impact on overall scores.

Well done and thank you to everyone that took part.