A Deserving Winner


Congratulations to our 3rd winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. There were many nominations as usual and this week's winner has shown just how committed he is to his studies. He will receive a free prom ticket, rosette, pen and certificate.

Mr Wright nominated this week's star because, "He has had a great first half term, not just in Maths but across all subjects. His effort in lessons has been consistently outstanding, he has already made really good use of Lesson 6 and he has put a lot of effort into preparing well for assessments. In the two unit assessments in Maths this year, both at Higher tier, he has scored 85% and 91%.

He is on track to beat his target grade of 6 in Maths. He has just been moved up into Set 1 and is attending Lesson 6 sessions that are specifically targeting grade 8 and grade 9 topics. He conducts himself really well around school, is a pleasure to speak with and a very deserving winner of Star of the Week!"

His determination, resilience and independence are commendable. He has adapted to Year 11 English incredibly well. He tries hard in all he does and produces consistently high quality work on a daily basis. His attitude is relentlessly positive and this is reflected in his 100% attendance at lesson 6. Well done!”
— Miss Kermeen

Keep working hard Year 11, use the half term break to revise for the upcoming PPE. Continue trying your best and next time Star of the Week could be you!