Year 7 Science House Competition


All pupils in Year 7 have been participating in a ‘How Science Works competition’; pupils have completed their own full science investigation and presented their findings to the class. As a year group they have worked exceptionally well.

Congratulations to the winners and the runners up!!

  • Hedoncrofte: Hollie
  • Riseholme: Olivia
  • Sefholme: David
  • Sudtone: Thomas
  • Wawne: Emilie Mae, Kathryn, Kian

Runners up: Kylie, Kayanah, Jacob, Ellie-May, Tegan, Chelsea, Ruby, Kacie, Beau, Samuel, Zachary, Amy, Madison, Shay, Harvey, Megan and Ethan.

Overall House Totals:

  • Hedoncrofte: 728
  • Riseholme: 726
  • Sudtone: 640
  • Wawne: 616
  • Sefholme: 555