Poet, Paul Cookson


Poet, Paul Cookson entertained us all with some of his hilarious performance poetry.

Year 7 and 8 thoroughly enjoyed Paul's wacky humour and entertaining poetry.  Audience participation was high on the agenda, with staff and pupils joining in with the actions. There was fun and laughter all around.

He was the funniest poet I have ever seen. His poems were amazing, especially when we joined in the actions of “The Goalie with Expanding Hands.”
— Shaun 7LTo

After the event, Paul Cookson’s poetry books flew off the shelf, with pupils eager to read more, and Ellie, 8 RBe went home and was inspired to write 3 poems to enter in the Hull Libraries Venn Young Writers competition.

Here are some more of our pupil’s comments:

  • I liked it when we had to join in, and his poem “The Wasp Flew up my Brother’s Shorts” was so funny. His other poems were great too.  Cameron 7AGa
  • My favourite poem was when he said “Mum put on her Prit-stick, instead of lipstick, kissed my Dad and stuck together fast” Sophie 7MNo
  • Yesterday I was in fits of laughter joining in with my favourite poem “My Dog is Dead” It sounds sad but he made it so funny. Billy 8AEm
  • I loved seeing Paul Cookson, and joining in with his poems, they were really funny.  He was amazing on the ukulele. Keisha 7AHe
  • I thought Paul was very funny and skilled to be able to rhyme that fast. Bethany 8KMg
  • I thought Paul’s poems and jokes were really funny, and I loved doing the actions to “Whatever” about a teenage girl. Olivia 7RCa
  • I enjoyed doing the actions and joining in with his poems. My favourite was the “ The Wasp Flew up my Brothers Shorts” Callum 8AEm
  • An hilarious poet came into school named Paul Cookson. I loved joining in with his football poems. We all had to join in the rhyme and actions, it was fun.  Jack 8AEm