An incredibly hardworking pupil


Well done to the 4th Year 11 Star of the Week. This fantastic pupil was nominated by three teachers.

Mrs Farmer wrote, “An incredibly hardworking pupil with a determination to succeed. She produces homework of a high level that has been well thought out and she has but in maximum effort. She is always trying to better herself in lessons, if she struggles with a concept she will not give up and leave it she will work on it until she has a secure understanding of it. It’s clear she is working outside of the Academy as she comes in with a range of questions about particular topics she has been reviewing. With the grit and determination to success that she has displayed already she will achieve amazing outcomes at the end of year 11.”

Mr Moore wrote, “What a kid! When we get into teaching, as staff we have the idea of what the ‘perfect’ student looks like. In her, we have a young lady who is dedicated to her trade and helping people achieve their best. She doesn’t just complete a piece of work once, she completes it again, and again, until it’s the very best that she can achieve. She doesn’t take an answer as the absolute truth; instead, she probes, questions and looks for alternate truths. With her immaculate behaviour and completely endearing personality, she epitomises the Conor McGregor quote that I have in my class: ‘we are all equal’, but she will ‘reach the top’ as she is ‘obsessed’. I am proud to not only be her tutor, but her teacher!”

She stays back; she works hard; she represents the best about this Academy. She most certainly is a star - that is down to her hard work and commitment to improvement. These qualities, mixed with her lovely attitude, make her a must for this award.”
— Mr Stallard

Well done to this week’s winner. It’s been a great start to the PPEs. Keep trying hard and maybe this time next week you could be Star of the Week!