WW1 Battlefields Trip


Miss Brankley and two Year 10 girls attended the First World War Battlefield Tour.

Over 3 days we had a tailored itinerary and various questions to focus on during each day. We were accompanied by three serving soldiers so we could make the comparisons on how War was fought back then, to how we fight today. One example was the Corporal sharing with us how he felt when he served in Afghanistan, and we could relate this to how the soldiers of the First World War were feeling as they were about to go over the top. 

When visiting many of the memorial sites, cemeteries and battlefields it brought it home to us the scale of the World War and the impact that it had. Thiepval Memorial has 72,195 names of missing British and South African soldiers who died on the Somme Battlefield between 1915 and 1918. This would have left a huge hole in their communities back home.

103 years on from the First World War starting and 99 years from it ending, it is still hugely important that we still remember the fallen and those who are still serving in the forces today. 

Lest we forget.