MFL House Spelling Bee Competition


There has been a real buzz on the MFL corridor over the last couple of days with a number of Y7 pupils taking part in our first ever MFL House Spelling Bee Competition!

Pupils were given a list of words in French and Spanish to memorise and then had to give correct spellings of as many of these as they could in just 2 minutes. The participants of the competition put up a real fight for first place and made a 'bee'autiful effort all round.

The winner of our first ever French Spelling Bee competition was Olivia from Team Riseholme with 23 correctly spelt French words in 2 minutes. Closely followed by James and David from Team Sefholme who both spelt 21 words correctly in 2 minutes. An amazing comeback from David who swooped in on his 3rd attempt improving his score from 14 on his 1st attempt! In joint 3rd place were Kieran and Ellie-May from Team Riseholme with 20 correctly spelt words.

On the other side of the Pyrenees, our Spanish Spelling Bee 1st place went jointly to Thomas from Team Sudtone and Bradley from Team Hedoncrofte. These boys certainly were the bees knees on this occasion and were both flying high with a score of over 30 words! Our 2nd place also went jointly to Roxy and Alfie both from Team Riseholme with 28 correctly spelt words in 2 minutes and there was a brilliant effort for 3rd place from Faith from Team Riseholme and Liam from Team Sefholme. A special mention goes to Liam who showed admirable resilience and perseverance jumping from 11 words on his first attempt to 20 on his third attempt!

Well done also to Gracie, Kasey, Danni and Kian for taking also part in the event.

  • 1st: Risehome 500
  • 2nd: Hedoncrofte 400
  • 3rd: Sudtone 300
  • 4th: Sefholme 200
  • 5th: Wawne 100