One Hull of a Christmas

On Wednesday 14th December 2016, we celebrated the Christmas period with our annual Christmas Concert/Showcase.

For the very first time the event was solely organised by the pupils. The Pupil Leadership Team in CPA, alongside the Year 10 BTEC Music pupils, ran the event which was a celebration of Art, Drama and Music.   

The showcase included a display of Art work in the Orangery as well as a combination of Music and Drama performances in the Community Theatre. The Drama performances followed the narrative of Christmas time in Hull and was accompanied by a variety of festive songs. The event was entitled ‘One Hull of a Christmas’ as it followed a Hull theme to recognise and celebrate Hull’s upcoming year as the City of Culture in 2017. All the proceeds from the event went to Cancer Research UK.

2017 promises to be an exciting year for the City of Hull as the City of Culture, as well as for the Pupil Leadership Team in CPA who now move on to organising their next event: ‘Made in Hull’- watch this space!