Holocaust survivor, Mr Martin Kapel

Winifred Holtby Academy today welcomed Holocaust survivor, Mr Martin Kapel, who gave a talk to our year 10 history pupils regarding his life and particular his escape from the Nazi’s during World War Two.

During two talks Mr Kapel described his early years growing up in Germany, his forced expatriation to Poland, then his transfer to Britain via the Kindertranport, and finally his recollections of the Blitz in Coventry.

The background to this incredible journey was the rise of Hitler and the spread of fascism in Europe. Although Mr Kapel count’s himself extremely lucky to have escaped Poland shortly before the outbreak of World War Two, he still lost 22 members of his family, and remained with his foster family in Britain once the war was over. Throughout the talk the one overriding message was one of learning from the past, in the hope that similar events will never happen again.