A very special occasion

A group of six Year 7 pupils are currently taking part in the ‘First Story’ initiative where local writers are partnered with local schools to create their own anthology by the end of the year. As part of the project, our pupils went to the Deep on Wednesday 8th February to participate in creative writing workshops alongside four other schools in the area. ‘Pupils worked collaboratively with their writers to create ‘aquatic inspired’ pieces of writing inspired by exhibitions and displays in the Deep.’ Prior to the event, all of our pupils participated in a regional writing competition and were asked to write 100 word stories based on the theme of ‘Footprints.’ Efforts from all schools were judged by a panel of local writers and we are proud to announce that our very own Lillie won with her story entitled Counting and was presented with an award by the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla Parker Bowles) at the event.

This is was a very special occasion for Lillie and a fantastic moment for the Academy – we are extremely proud of Lillie’s efforts and look forward to her next literary masterpiece over the course of this year.

Lillie’s winning story…


The clock says I am – seven more hours to sleep. She stares at it endlessly, counting the non-hours of rest. It shines smugly through the shadows at her as she calculates the ever-shifting fluorescent numbers.

Finally she arises from her tomb with hair like a mop of hay and a face like a wet weekend – you couldn’t say she’s a morning person. She plods up the stairs to get washed and dressed for school, counting each one in her brain as she goes. Weird.

Later that day, she sits in her painful history class, surrounded by people hating her and counting them.
— Lillie