Fourteenth winner of Star of the Week

Congratulations to the 14th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This studious, hard working, friendly and resilient pupil was voted by Mrs Madeley and Miss Marshall for her outstanding commitment to her academic studies.

I would like to nominate her as she is such a hard working student, she attends every extra session and will gladly help out other students who are struggling.”
— Mrs Madeley

Miss Marshall wrote, "I have nominated her previously and she continues to be an outstanding student in Science, always scoring at least 4 Levels of progress on Assessments (often 6 levels of progress on end of unit assessments). While she has an excellent and detailed subject knowledge, she works diligently every single lesson to improve her ability to apply her understanding of the scientific concepts and is always eager to support her peers when they find themselves struggling over problems. It is an absolute pleasure, honour and privilege to be able to work with her in my class."

Well done to this week's star. Keep working hard Year 11, put lots of effort into your second PPE and next time the winner could be you!