Fifteenth winner of Star of the Week

Congratulations to the 15th WHA Star of the Week! This fantastic pupil was nominated by Miss Rule.

He has found this week’s PPE challenging but has battled on regardless. He’s maintained a mature attitude, both with regard to attitude and work. His determination and resilience does not surprise me – because it is part of what makes him such a successful learner.”
— Miss Rule

"He has worked exceptionally hard this year (and last). He is prompt for lessons and well prepared – including having homework completed (often beyond that which is requested). His contributions to class discussions are excellent and help to move our thinking forward. He has worked hard to develop his written work over time and is able to include a wide range of sociological concepts in his work. He is a great young man to work with and I am in admiration of his eclectic wealth of knowledge. I particularly enjoy our conversations about Marxism and being privy to his wicked sense of humour."

An outstanding star. Well done. Keep working hard YR11 and maybe next time, the Star of the Week could be you!