Thirteenth winner of Star of the Week

Well done to our 13th winner of Star of the Week. There were multiple nominations this week because so many of you are working hard. This fantastic pupil was nominated by four members of staff who all had wonderful things to say about her.

Mrs Levitt wrote, “This year she has made an amazing commitment to getting the best possible results out of her final year in school, excellent behaviour and attendance, hardworking and her maturity is shining through.”

Mr Moore wrote, “The amount of Lesson 13s she is going to is ridiculously amazing – she is rivalling some members of staff in the number of hours she is putting in. During the YR11 English drop down week – Mrs Boynton was very complimentary of her and the effort she had put in – resulting in an improved English grade in the PPE. She is a model pupil with one of the best personalities I’ve ever seen, in all of the years I’ve been teaching.”

Mr Stallard wrote, “I nominate her because she is dedicated, hardworking and, most importantly, resilient (a skill we try to instil into all that come through this academy). She, doesn’t always get the top grades but that doesn’t stop her from striving towards them – her never give up attitude and ability to keep pushing for more will stand her in good stead when she leaves us.”

Constantly back at Lesson 13, wanting to improve her work, works on her coursework at home too. Works independently and always smiling. An all-round good egg.”
— Mrs Aspinal

So well done to you! An outstanding Star of the Week. Keep working hard YR11 and next week it could be you.