Year 10 Parent/Carer Evening

Our next event will be the Year 10 Parent/Carer Evening on Thursday 11th May (4pm-7pm).

Your child is now almost half way through their GCSE and BTEC examination courses at Winifred Holtby Academy and it is vital that subject teachers have the opportunity to discuss their current progress and attainment.

The consultation meetings will give you the opportunity to discuss such issues as coursework completion deadlines, class work, homework tasks, extra-curricular opportunities, attitudes to learning and how you as a parent/carer can assist your child in making progress. 

On the evening you will be provided with a ‘report’ indicating the progress your child has made.  An attendance certificate will also be issued; if there are any unauthorised absences you should see a member of your child’s House Team on the evening to clear up the attendance record as this information can be requested for references to employers and post 16 providers at the end of year 11.

On arrival at the Academy please enter through the main entrance where you will be supplied with the pupil progress report, attendance information and details of where teachers can be found.  Academy prefects will be on hand throughout the evening to guide you. 

As with most Parents Evenings, it is our intention to offer child care facilities, this will be located in the Library.

We look forward to seeing you on the evening.