Plate final success!

Year 11 Hull Schools Plate Final

Winifred Holtby 9 Marvel 3

The end of an era they said; they've run their course they said; nothing left to win they said; well, Wini and their two trusted managers gave it one last go! 

It was an evening of returns with the one time CB Lennon 'one trick' returning to the bench. Although, there was to be no comeback for Marvell's men in this final despite a spirited 2 goal haul for them in the first half. Wini ran out 9-3 winners to claim their 3rd final win in 5 years. In fact this was a double year having secured the league earlier in the season.

Hat-tricks from captain Fozzer and LW Ambler helped secure the win. Others chipped in with goals from great pieces of football.

A dubious goal for Lindsay/Leslie proves that goal line technology is needed at every level.

The comeback kid, 'one trick', did indeed manage to do his one trick and meg a Marvell man. Ultimately though, his 9 and a half minute cameo ended fruitless as he missed a penalty - some say the Mars' rover is still looking for it. 

It does mean anyone and everyone who has played for the Wini team over the last 5 years can leave with their heads held very high. 

Goal scorers for Winifred Holtby

  • Foster x3
  • Ambler x3
  • Pringle
  • Batty
  • Lindsey/Leslie