Art Mural

After visiting many schools in Hull and seeing all of their fantastic displays, we in the Art and Design department wanted to team up with faculties around Winifred Holtby Academy and create unique learning environments for the pupils here.

The idea was to not only to create aesthetically pleasing Art on the walls, but to create these little areas and break out spaces that would allow the pupils to become fully submersed in their learning. The pupils that were involved are all hard working, determined and most importantly highly skilled artists. They all jumped at the chance to create the first mural (emphasis on the first mural) in the Academy and in my eyes did an absolutely fantastic job of it!

Already we have had a lot of compliments from staff, pupils and visitors which is exactly what these pupils needed to encourage them to hopefully go on and create more of these giant pieces of top quality artwork.”
— Mr O'Mara

This mural is just the beginning of what these pupils are capable of in this Academy – we in the Art and Design department will only keep on pushing them for more!

A huge thanks to the ‘Art Mural Crew’ – Annalise, Aimee, Jordan, Shane, Amy, Eve, Alisha, Maisie and Bex.

Mr O’Mara