A focused and determined young lady!


Congratulations to the 10th winner and first 2018 winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This outstanding pupil has been nominated by many different teachers almost every week!

This week Mr Moore wrote the following:

"I have not only had the absolute pleasure of being her English teacher every year at WHA, but this last year becoming her tutor. With a fantastic mix of someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, but is focused and determined to succeed, she has proven to be an incredible young lady!

The fact that she attends both before and after school revision sessions shows a drive and commitment to wanting to succeed. However, these revision sessions aren’t just a Yr 11 ‘thing’ – she has stayed back to work on specific aspects of English ever since she was in Yr 9 – hence the colossal improvements she has made throughout the years. Given the dedication she has shown throughout her time at WHA, an award of Star of the Week/Month/Year don’t seem apt enough, Star of the School is we’re we should be looking.

She is deserving of all of the great successes that are going to come her way in the future.”
— Mr Moore

Keep up the great work Year 11. Every lesson counts. Attend Lesson 6 regularly and maybe next week's SOTW could be you!