Going for Gold Launched


We are delighted to launch our new reward scheme for year 11: ‘Going for Gold’. This new initiative will reward, and recognise, those pupils who have strived for success over their five years at the Academy. It is based solely around progress and encourages all pupils to achieve their full potential. Already, 22 fantastic year 11s have exceeded their targets – they will receive their badges and level 1 rewards later this week.

We have a comprehensive lesson 6 and revision programme in place to support all pupils and ensure they reach, or indeed exceed, their targets – by accessing these all pupils can aim to achieve the Gold standard.

Level 2 rewards will be given to all Gold members after the next round of PPEs in March. The final Gold and Platinum rewards will be given after the GCSE results at a celebration assembly in September. We look forward to sharing and celebrating the pride and success of our pupils with you.