Evie’s Ghost


Helen Peters came into the Academy today to talk to pupils in Year 7 about her latest book “Evie’s Ghost”, which has been shortlisted for this year’s James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book awards.

She told the pupils that it had been a very difficult book to write, taking her 6 years, in which time she had written, and had published three other books!

Pupils asked her where she had got her idea from, and she said it was after visiting a Stately House owned by the National Trust, that gave her the idea to write about Evie, who has to stay with her Godmother in an old country house that has been converted into flats.

That night at midnight, Evie sees a ghostly figure at her bedroom window. Terrified she flees from the room - only to discover that out in the hall it’s 1814, and she has been transported back in time finding herself working at the same country house, as a housemaid. Evie has been sent back in time for a reason. She must fix the past or she will have no future……”
— Helen Peters