Hull Children’s Book Award 2018


The winning book voted by Hull school children is...

“All the Things that Could go Wrong” by Stewart Foster

Our pupils read and reviewed the five nominated titles and attended the book award debate, where they discussed the books with pupils from other schools, met the authors of all the nominated books, and finally voted for their favourite book.


What our pupils said about taking part in the James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book Awards…

I loved attending the Book Awards. It was a great opportunity to meet some fabulous authors and illustrators. My favourite book was “Evies Ghost” and I was able to talk to the author Helen Peters about it. It was the best day of my life, and I can’t wait for next years book awards! - Olivia Tworek 7JBo

The day was good, and the authors who were there shared some great stories and inspiring tips. It was a great experience! - Caitlin Wilkins 9DTh

The Hull Children’s Book Awards was an amazing experience to take part in. I enjoyed reading the books and  meeting the authors. I will definitely be taking part again next year and I will look forward to read next years shortlisted books. “
— Callum Utley 8AEm

I thought today was really fun and I would recommend it to other students who enjoy reading. The best author definitely won! – Georgina Gilchrist 8CDo

It was great experience and the winning author, Stewart Foster definitely deserved to win with his book, “All the Things that Could go Wrong” I enjoyed reading the 5 books and will definitely take part again next year! “
— Thomas Stuart 7LWK

I really enjoyed today. My favourite book won! I enjoyed the part when Stewart Foster told us the story about his friend who has OCD  and the bird poo. - Jay Wilson 8CDo

Today at the Book awards it was really social and relaxed environment. We felt free to ask questions and discuss the books with other students and Librarians. Overall it was a fantastic day! – Faith Berry 7JBo