Disneyland Paris Reward Trip


Excellence Academy pupils were awarded with their reward for this academic year...only a trip to Disneyland Paris!! 


These pupils have been completing tasks set by their subject teachers to help them achieve their high GCSE targets and have been routinely staying behind after school working on their academic studies. As a result they earnt themselves over 250 excellence academy points!

Amazing guys...hard work pays off.


Sunday 1st July

  • 19:00: Depart HOME East Yorkshire Motor Services (HOME is your postal address unless you advise otherwise.) We suggest you bring snacks and a packed lunch for the journey.

Monday 2nd July

  • 01:40: Check-in Channel Port Dover
  • 02:40: Channel Crossing DFDS Seaways
  • 05:10: Arrive Channel Port Calais
  • 10:00: Approx Theme Park Disneyland Paris
  • 19:00: Depart Disneyland Paris

Tuesday 3rd July

  • 00:05: Check-in Channel Port Calais
  • 01:05: Channel Crossing DFDS Seaways
  • 01:35: Arrive Channel Port Dover
  • 09:30: Approx Return HOME