We are the Champions!!!


Throughout the year every pupil has been collecting Achievement points to contribute to their overall House totals.

After 39 weeks of hard work in lessons, competitive and determination in House Competitions, extra-curricular and homework/after school sessions, we can now confirm the final results on the House Leader Board.

Congratulations go to Team Sudtone who have been crowned the 2017/18 House Champions.

Mr Richardson could not hide the smile on his face, he said  “Our badminton success made us all believe that we have a very good chance, I’m very proud to of lead this fantastic team.”

I’m so proud of each and every one of our pupils who have helped contribute to our final total.”
— Mrs Smithson

Miss Coulson said “ What can I say that’s not already been said, we are the Champions!

Final House Leader Board Results:

  • Sudtone: 91720
  • Riseholme: 91604
  • Wawne: 90824
  • Sefholme: 89533
  • Hedoncrofte: 89201