Lesson 6 Rewards


We have a Lesson 6 rewards system in place at the Academy

How It Works:

Pupils have a Lesson 6 stamp sheet that needs to glued into their planner on a Lesson 6 page (42). Each Lesson 6 equals one stamp.

The first reward is 20 stamps which is 2 free lunches. Once pupils achieve 20 stamps they are rewarded.

  • Bronze 20 stamps

  • Silver 50 stamps

  • Gold 75 stamps

  • Platinum 100 stamps

Pupils also go into a prize draw and can win tutor prizes ranging from Dominos pizza lunch to a non school uniform day for their tutor.

The pupils that achieved the highest grades last year attended at least 3 Lesson 6 sessions a week.  Please encourage your son and daughter to attend as it is an expectation pupils fill the gaps in learning to improve their knowledge on a subject area.

Below is our Lesson 6 Timetable: