Princes Trust Mosaic Programme


Y8 pupils have been participating in the Mosaic mentoring programme this year. The programme involves a small group of pupils working with volunteer mentors from a range of businesses in Hull such as Smith & Nephews and Cargill.

The aim of the programme is to give pupils the opportunity to learn about the various career paths available to them in the local area. Pupils also have the opportunity to discuss any issues about their future with the mentors which they may be hesitant to do with teaching staff.

Pupils have been involved in small group work focusing on some of the key aspects required to be successful in business such as confidence; leadership; communication and interview skills. Pupils were also given the opportunity to visit one of their mentors workplace (Smith & Nephews). All pupils stated how brilliant the experience was for them and they all commented on how the programme has helped raise their awareness of the skills and attributes required to be successful after Winifred Holtby.

The programme was concluded with an inspirational talk from Andrew Horncastle who shared his personal, inspiring story with the pupils and gave them advice on how to be successful in the future. Overall, pupils and the mentors have learnt a lot from one another and have really benefited from the Prince's Trust Mosaic programme and has increased their knowledge on employability. The programme will run again in the next academic year.