A resilient, hardworking young man


Alex is clearly a resilient, hardworking young man who has the determination to overcome challenges and ensure that he achieves his aims. His 100% attendance shows that he wants to ensure that he is here every day to use every opportunity to learn – he is clearly using lesson 6 opportunities to revisit topics and strengthen his knowledge – this will ensure that Alex achieves the best grades possible both his PPEs and the summer final exams. Congratulations Alex.

Alex has been making a determined effort to master the maths skills required for success at GCSE – particularly during tutor time and L6 activities.

He has tried to be positive about any hurdles he might face and is prepared to spend time working on specific weaknesses.”
— Mr Curran

I would like to nominate Alex, some of the topics we are covering in Computer Science are not easy and require a level of independence and logic. Alex always tries hard. - Mrs Dearing