A polite, unassuming and conscientious young man


Harvey is a polite, unassuming and conscientious young man who is making the most of additional learning opportunities offered to him. He has been nominated, and seconded, by several members of staff; he consistently goes over and above what is asked of him and he is independently seeking ways to improve his grades. His exceptional attendance and behaviour record show he is mature and ready for the next stage in his academic career.

I nominated Harvey because he is always in the Computer Science/Maths department after school, looking for ways to improve his grades.

If you ask Harvey to do something he will and will often do more and put more effort in than you have asked for.

He is revising independently as well as making the most of L6 and other intervention sessions often being the first there and the last to leave. “
— Mrs Dearing

Harvey always puts his full effort in to everything - Mr Macklin

He’s back in maths all the time and works really hard consistently - Miss Kirk