A pleasant and engaging young man


Jay is an extremely pleasant and engaging young man; he clearly has an inner drive and determination to succeed. He has made positive contributions within lessons and within the wider school community. It is delightful to see him taking pride in his achievements and setting such a positive personal example to his peers. I have no doubt that Jay has all the qualities needed to succeed in his future academic studies and beyond.

Jay – Apart from being one of the nicest, most polite,  kids you could ever wish to meet, he is trying so hard to achieve the best result that he can in English.  He would be the first to admit that he finds the subject difficult, but regardless of this, this has not stopped him from attending Lesson 6s, taking work home to complete, and asking for extra pieces in order to help him. The progress he has made throughout the year is great – it is all down to him! He is a true Rob Moore favourite! “
— Mr Moore

“Jay played his socks off in a school final on Wednesday, he has played nearly every school match for me and it was his last school game.” - Mr Dorsett

“Jay consistently works hard and is polite and friendly.” - Miss Faulkner

“Jay always has his head down in Science, he is trying really hard and a genuinely nice boy.” - Mrs Wrightson