Hull Children's Book Awards


The votes are in for the 2019 KS3 James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book Award.

This year we have TWO winning authors as chosen by the children of Hull. Congratulations to Ali Sparkes and Tom Palmer.

The Hull Children’s Book awards 2019 was a pleasure to experience. The theme of the Big Top tent was so magical and exciting. I am looking forward to reading the nominated books, and attending next year. I can’t believe my vote really mattered, and I’m so happy that Ali Sparkes won.”
— Jack Bowers


The Hull Children’s Book Awards was amazing. I liked reading the five books, as they were all different genres. The Big Top tent in East Park was exciting and a magical place. My favourite part was listening to the authors talk about the books and then discussing the books with other students. I wanted “Nevermore” or “Night Speakers” to win and “Night Speakers” came joint first with “Armistice Runner.”
— Sophie Shield

“The Hull Children’s Book Award was something I really enjoyed taking part in. Reading the nominated books means you read something that you may never have picked up. Inside the circus tent, it was magical atmosphere. Meeting the authors and learning about their inspiration for their stories and characters was another amazing part of this unforgettable experience. I will definitely take part again next year!” - Ava Brinkley

“It was interesting hearing what the different authors did before they started writing books. My favourite book was “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow, by Siobhan Curham. The voting day was fun, and I will definitely go again next year!”- Henry Sigsworth

”The Hull Children’s Book Awards were intriguing and enjoyable for all ages. Hence, it was a magical experience, and held the real elements of what reading and debating books is all about in its true form. I hope I can take part in these book awards again.” - Danni Hall