In Your Blood


On Tuesday 25th September, as part of our careers programme and partnership with the NHS the ‘In Your Blood’ event was held at Winifred Holtby Academy. The event was extremely exciting, interesting and informative and gave pupils a fantastic insight into the world of medicine. Amongst other things pupils were also shown how to take blood and allowed to practice (using a practice venepuncture arm), they extracted DNA from fruit, had their blood pressure and oxygen levels taken and much more.


Pupils also the opportunity to speak to staff from the various departments within the NHS and find out what job opportunities are available, the qualifications needed and the pathways and routes to get there. Parents and Carers were invited to come along between 3pm and 5pm to find out for themselves what careers paths the NHS can offer. The event was a huge success and we will be holding similar events in the future.


A big thank you to all the NHS staff that were involved in helping to make the event so interactive and inspiring.