Maths Challenge


On Tuesday 24th April Winifred Holtby Academy hosted the regional finals of the Maths Challenge – 16 schools from across the area participated in the full day event, which involved completing a range of mathematical challenges in groups and pairs.

Congratulations to Hull Collegiate who won the event and will now go on to the National Challenge.

Year 10 Maths Feast

Well done to all pupils from the various schools for taking part in ‘The Maths Feast’ on friday. We were pleased to host such an exciting competition with pupils testing their mathematical, communication and teamwork skills.

The aim of ‘The Maths Feast’ is to support pupils to develop their higher level mathematical problem-solving skills”.
— Mrs Sharp

The Maths Feast is a competition with a difference, there are no heats or finals or winners, the pupils participate as a team to test their knowledge and understanding and to achieve, enrich and extend their learning.

Pupils are encouraged to work as a team or in pairs and occasionally as individuals to answer the questions which are both recreational and more traditional problem solving.

The most important skill pupils will demonstrate during the Feast are those of team work, communication, applying previous knowledge to solving problems.

Year 11 parent and pupil maths revision sessions

Parents and pupils were invited to 4 different sessions aimed at giving them skills and techniques on how to revise for their Maths GCSE exam.

Revising maths before exams is proven to raise pupils’ grades and therefore it is important that pupils have the skills to revise successfully. The sessions focused on giving information and techniques on how to revise for maths exams and how parents can support this. Each session provided pupils with a personalised revision pack and a free revision stationary kit. Refreshment were provided for pupils ad their parents.

I was apprehensive about this due to school not been a very memorable time for me, but as my child is showing positive signs in his schooling I came along. The session was very informative and not at all what I was expecting. Now I can help my child even if I don’t understand the work so much due to understanding the revision booklets given today. Well worth an hour of my Saturday. “
— Parent

Parents were not required to undertake any maths work throughout these sessions; their role was to support their child with the process of revision. However, all parents and pupils stayed and attempted multiple GCSE questions together.