Domestic Abuse programme


As part of the PSHCE programme of study some Year 8 pupils have participated in the national Tender programme on domestic abuse. They taught what they had learnt to their peers through a variety of activities -  performing quizzes, role plays and more in the Theatre.

Following the successful completion of this 10 week programme pupils received well deserved certificates and badges from the Cornerhouse team.

Medical Mavericks – Careers in Health Workshop


On 19th and 20th March all of our year 9 pupils were given the opportunity to experience and be inspired by some of the amazing careers available in the NHS. 


Activities included:

  • Taking blood from a fake arm using a real needle
  • Recording and printing an ECG from their own heart
  • Taking a picture of the retina inside their eyes
  • Fitting intubations tubes inside Eddy the Head to help his breathing

The pupils were amazing and they received superb feedback from the Medical Mavericks.  All the pupils enjoyed their session and hopefully a few more will have a been inspired towards a career in Health.

Prison Me No Way

Year 8 have had a brilliant day, working with the Prison Me No Way team.  The day focuses on the idea of ‘choices’; pupils get to take part in a wide range of engaging activities, including: ‘stepping inside a prison cell’; taking part in a mock Magistrates Court; learning about fire and rail safety and listening to inspiring talks from people who have experienced life in prison, but have now turned their lives around.

Thank you to the PMNW team and well done Year 8 for doing us proud!