Summer School 2017

30 pupils came back to the Academy for the first week of the summer holidays as they had enrolled on the Summer School programme which is now in its 6th year. Pupils took part in science, maths, English, languages and DT sessions in the morning with the aim of increasing  their literacy and numeracy levels whilst the afternoon sessions were devoted to Sports and swimming sessions with the focus on team building and instilling healthy competition through sport.

The summer school also gave pupils the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Academy and staff. On the whole primary schools are much smaller than secondary schools and pupils are often intimidated by the thought of navigating new buildings. By exploring the Academy at the summer school, with less time restraints and without the rest of the Academy community, pupils were able to familiarise themselves with the building and build positive relationships with staff.

Both staff and pupils had a fab week learning together and making some great memories – Hope to see some of you at the sports session on Wednesday 12pm – 2pm – the rest of you I’ll see in September.