Outstanding Attitude


Ryan has started Year 11 following on from his outstanding attitude in Year 10 which has only strengthened his ability to achieve positive outcomes this year. I have no doubt this has been a major factor in Ryan receiving ‘Star of the Week’ nominations from staff, therefore backing up his fantastic work ethic towards his class work and his after school lesson 6 attendance.

Ryan had the best OCR result of the Year 11 Cohort and completing his coursework ahead of schedule.”
— Miss Mennell

“Excellent attitude to lesson 6, keep up the good work Ryan.” - Mr Bean

Jess will achieve great things in her future


Jess epitomises everything that Winifred Holtby Academy wants from our pupils: she is diligent, motivated, conscientious and independent. In several subjects she has made outstanding progress this year; I am confident - due to her excellent work ethic and determination - she will achieve an outstanding set of results in August. I have no doubt that Jess will achieve great things in her future.

Jess has finished Business Studies to a top grade. Ahead of time, worked very independently. A real star. “
— Mrs Aspinall

Excellent work in her History PPEs maintaining high standards and a clear focus - Mrs Morgan

Her continued hard work, effort and attending all lesson 6 sessions in English - Mrs Ash

A fantastic advert for youth rugby league


Year 10 Rugby League - Hull and East Riding Cup Final

WHA 26 St Mary's College 24

Despite finding themselves 18-0 down in the first half the lads showed great character and resilience to get themselves back into the game. An Owen Maul try just before half time after a typical marauding run gave the lads the confidence and belief to push on.

In the second half with better field possession and built on some outstanding defence (Huggins thinking he was back in net!) Finn Yeaman twice worked his magic by scooting and going in under the sticks to draw us level at 18-18.


We then conceded with 5 mins to go to find ourselves trailing by 6 but a great kick off from Keelan Gregg and an even better chase and pick up by Harvey Reynolds before bustling under the sticks again saw us draw level and force extra time after Cavanaugh added the extras.

With 5 mins each way we sealed the victory with 2 great drop goals by Cavanaugh and Fenn and showed fantastic game management to see it out.

A fantastic advert for youth rugby league and a game worthy of a cup final with both teams playing with sportsmanship and respect.


MOM - Alex Cavanaugh for keeping a cool head and keeping control.
Harry F and Finley Y for their running game which kept St Mary's honest.
Massive well done also to Year 9 pupils Harvey H and Tom M for stepping up to put in some solid defence and quality attack.
Well done though to all 16 players who each played their part in pulling off a victory in the face of a lot of adversity.

A massive thanks to Mr Bean (and his assistant Davie Vickers) who's hard work, effort and commitment are massively appreciated.

Overall an outstanding season: Hull Schools League winners, Hull Schools Cup winners and Yorkshire Plate quarter finalists.

Photo Credit: Grassroots Multi-Sport

A pleasant and engaging young man


Jay is an extremely pleasant and engaging young man; he clearly has an inner drive and determination to succeed. He has made positive contributions within lessons and within the wider school community. It is delightful to see him taking pride in his achievements and setting such a positive personal example to his peers. I have no doubt that Jay has all the qualities needed to succeed in his future academic studies and beyond.

Jay – Apart from being one of the nicest, most polite,  kids you could ever wish to meet, he is trying so hard to achieve the best result that he can in English.  He would be the first to admit that he finds the subject difficult, but regardless of this, this has not stopped him from attending Lesson 6s, taking work home to complete, and asking for extra pieces in order to help him. The progress he has made throughout the year is great – it is all down to him! He is a true Rob Moore favourite! “
— Mr Moore

“Jay played his socks off in a school final on Wednesday, he has played nearly every school match for me and it was his last school game.” - Mr Dorsett

“Jay consistently works hard and is polite and friendly.” - Miss Faulkner

“Jay always has his head down in Science, he is trying really hard and a genuinely nice boy.” - Mrs Wrightson

Amazing resilience


Danny is a pupil that shows amazing resilience and perseverance thus ensuring he overcomes challenges and obstacles to achieve his goals. He has become an independent and hardworking pupil and has recently surpassed his target in his coursework subject. A very determined and diligent young man who is a great example to his peers.

I would like to nominate Danny for star of the week. Our reasons are that he puts in 100% effort 100% of the time; he remains focused cross curricular. “
— Mrs Smithson

Danny puts 100% effort into his Maths lessons and ignores all other distractions. He will ask for help only when he has attempted the work first and is always extremely polite and well mannered - Mrs Walker

An outstanding pupil


Hollie is an outstanding pupil and clearly has the respect of every member of staff who have met or taught her. She is an independent, hardworking, conscientious and courteous young lady. Her work ethic and drive to succeed is superb and she actively seeks out opportunities to learn. A shining example to all her peers.

Hollie has always worked incredibly hard and due to her continued diligence and resilience, she has made three grades progress in her second PPE for Sociology. I am really thrilled for Hollie as she is such a delightful young lady to work with and is very much deserving of this success.”
— Miss Rule

Hollie has a great work ethic, regularly attends P6 and did fantastic in her recent PPEs. - Mr Nassau

Doing lots of revision which is paying off! Gained an overall grade 8 in her history PPEs. - Mrs Morgan

Hollie has worked hard all year. - Mr Gent

A really focused and dedicated pupil. - Mr Cawthraw

Hollie making strides in Spanish looking to move up to higher tier – regular lesson 6 attendee – lots of commitment. - Mr Horsley

Princes Trust Mosaic Programme


Y8 pupils have been participating in the Mosaic mentoring programme this year. The programme involves a small group of pupils working with volunteer mentors from a range of businesses in Hull such as Smith & Nephews and Cargill.

The aim of the programme is to give pupils the opportunity to learn about the various career paths available to them in the local area. Pupils also have the opportunity to discuss any issues about their future with the mentors which they may be hesitant to do with teaching staff.

Pupils have been involved in small group work focusing on some of the key aspects required to be successful in business such as confidence; leadership; communication and interview skills. Pupils were also given the opportunity to visit one of their mentors workplace (Smith & Nephews). All pupils stated how brilliant the experience was for them and they all commented on how the programme has helped raise their awareness of the skills and attributes required to be successful after Winifred Holtby.

The programme was concluded with an inspirational talk from Andrew Horncastle who shared his personal, inspiring story with the pupils and gave them advice on how to be successful in the future. Overall, pupils and the mentors have learnt a lot from one another and have really benefited from the Prince's Trust Mosaic programme and has increased their knowledge on employability. The programme will run again in the next academic year.

A diligent, driven and charming young lady


Isobel Is an outstanding, high achieving representative of the Academy: she is a diligent, driven and charming young lady. Several staff have continually nominated her for Star of the Week - demonstrating that she continually, and meticulously, applies herself to her studies. I have no doubt that Isobel will achieve outstanding results in all her GCSEs.

Fantastic pupil who attends P7 (4-5pm) every week – got a 9 on her last PPE in history and is simply a pleasure to teach!
— Mr Nassau

Isobel embodies everything that Winifred Holtby Academy wants from our pupils – she is industrious, conscientious, flexible and receptive to feedback. In English she has made outstanding progress this year and is now regularly achieving grade 9s because of her work ethic and determination. In spite of the obligatory school pressures, she always manages to have a smile on her face and tackles every task and piece of work with enthusiasm and aplomb. - Miss Kermeen

A resilient, hardworking young man


Alex is clearly a resilient, hardworking young man who has the determination to overcome challenges and ensure that he achieves his aims. His 100% attendance shows that he wants to ensure that he is here every day to use every opportunity to learn – he is clearly using lesson 6 opportunities to revisit topics and strengthen his knowledge – this will ensure that Alex achieves the best grades possible both his PPEs and the summer final exams. Congratulations Alex.

Alex has been making a determined effort to master the maths skills required for success at GCSE – particularly during tutor time and L6 activities.

He has tried to be positive about any hurdles he might face and is prepared to spend time working on specific weaknesses.”
— Mr Curran

I would like to nominate Alex, some of the topics we are covering in Computer Science are not easy and require a level of independence and logic. Alex always tries hard. - Mrs Dearing

A mature and dependable pupil


Jack is an unassuming, mature and dependable pupil who has been nominated most weeks since the start of term. Once again he is proof that attendance matters: he has a 100% record across the 5 years he has been here. Furthermore, he has achieved a tremendous amount of achievement points for his House team (Wawne) and has a spotless behaviour record. He thoroughly deserves this recognition.

Jack fully engages with learning, puts maximum effort in, takes part in class discussions and supports other pupils. “
— Miss Rule

Mrs Ash nominated Jack for continually working hard, focusing and completing additional work in English and Mr Styles nominated Jack for increased awareness of speaking test requirements.

Well done Jack.

An impeccable example to his peers


William is an outstanding young man who fully deserves to be recognised for his achievements at the Academy. His attendance for all 5 years has been 100% and he also has a 5 year blemish free record for his attitude and behaviour: he is an impeccable example to his peers.

Working hard and quietly getting on with it. “
— Mr Brown

Will is a fantastic pupil, he just gets on with it, he is working ahead of other pupils by accessing the next unit of work and watching you tube clips: effectively and independently teach himself. - Mr Dorsett

Will is a hard and resilient worker. - Miss Faulkner

Cinema Vouchers for these amazing pupils


Every week pupils with the highest achievement points from their respective Houses have been awarded Star of the Week.

Every term pupils who have won star of the week are entered into a prize draw to win cinema vouchers.

Congratulations to these three pupils who were presented with two pairs of cinema vouchers each by Miss Mennell.

Well done to all winners of Stars of the Week, you are a credit to our Academy, keep up the excellent work and Star of the Week will return in the New Year!

A resilient and charming young person


A resilient and charming young person Sharice is a polite, unassuming, hardworking individual. She is tenacious in her studies and perseveres – even when she finds the work challenging.

Sharice gives 100% all of the time. She is resilient and self-motivated.”
— Miss Faulkner

Mrs Sharp said “Sharice is trying really hard in Maths even though she finds it hard.” She was also nominated by Miss Rule who said “Sharice works so hard and shows real resilience.”

Hedoncrofte are really proud of her – she’s just lovely.”
— Mrs Dusher

Dapper Grand Prix Rewards launched...


The Academy will be working with Hull Raceway every Friday afternoon. In the hope of allowing our pupils to achieve CERTA Level 1 in Identification of Basic Internal and External Car Parts Qualification.

Pupils will also be building a fully functional Go-Kart from scratch whilst partaking in the Internal Qualification following a 12-week scheme of work, with the final lesson being a testing session of the Go-Kart on a racing track.

Pupils have a DAPPER report each day, which is a positive effort programme.

The more signatures pupils get from their teachers the higher points they will achieve each week - leading to various rewards every 4 weeks. Such as Vouchers, Trips/visits, match tickets and more.

Pupils also achieve extra points for being on time, good attendance and low behaviour points.

Going for Gold Launched


We are delighted to launch our new reward scheme for year 11: ‘Going for Gold’. This new initiative will reward, and recognise, those pupils who have strived for success over their five years at the Academy. It is based solely around progress and encourages all pupils to achieve their full potential. Already, 22 fantastic year 11s have exceeded their targets – they will receive their badges and level 1 rewards later this week.

We have a comprehensive lesson 6 and revision programme in place to support all pupils and ensure they reach, or indeed exceed, their targets – by accessing these all pupils can aim to achieve the Gold standard.

Level 2 rewards will be given to all Gold members after the next round of PPEs in March. The final Gold and Platinum rewards will be given after the GCSE results at a celebration assembly in September. We look forward to sharing and celebrating the pride and success of our pupils with you.

An influential role model


Ellie is a positive and influential role model to her peers: 100% attendance and a mature, positive and independent attitude to her studies.

Ellie is continuing to impress me with her knowledge of higher level words and desire to learn more about how the language works and nearly obtained full marks on a foundation listening paper.”
— Mr Styles

Mr Gent nominated Ellie and said "Great attitude, focussed and committed student who, even more importantly, has a positive effect by bringing other pupils back to lesson 6’S who otherwise wouldn’t attend."

Committed to learning beyond the classroom


Ellie has all the attributes of an outstanding pupil. She is independent and self-motivated: committed to learning beyond the classroom. I have no doubt that Ellie will achieve all she is striving for. - Mrs Roberts

Ellie has worked so hard to catch up work and push for her target level of D*. She emails work home and is constantly striving to succeed. She is a delightful pupil.
— Mrs Aspinall

Sefholme are extremely proud of her. Also, she comes early and leaves late most evenings to do extra work in the Year 11 revision area. - Miss Stephenson (Assistant Head of House)

Strong level of determination


Mia is an independent, hardworking pupil who has a strong level of determination and resilience: she strives to be the best she can be. A superb example to her peers. Several staff nominated Mia demonstrating that Mia is a consistently hardworking pupil.

Mia puts in 110% efforts in every lesson and comes back to lesson 6 in order to improve her exam technique which has paid off in recent assessments.”
— Mr Heaton