Head Girl

Introducing your new Head Boy and Girl...


Congratulations to Harvey and Amy on becoming our Head Boy and Girl 2018/19.

A massive well done to all the Head Boy and Head Girl candidates that were up for election today. We now have a super team that will lead the Prefects and Academy Council. They’ll all be fantastic in their new roles and I look forward to working with them all over the coming year.”
— Mrs Hoy

Head Boy/Girl elections


We have 6 pupils campaigning to be Head Boy and Head Girl (Samuel, Katie, Connor, Amy, Harvey and Olivia) – they all had successful interviews before half-term. The candidates will start their election campaign this week and will be speaking in assemblies all week.

On Monday 11th June elections will take place during tutor time.

Good luck everyone! 

Who will you be voting for?

The final results are in...

Hi everyone

Thank you for getting involved in this year’s head boy/girl elections – the results kept swinging one way then another and kept us in suspense the whole count.

The final results from today’s head boy and girl elections are as follows:

  • Head Boy – Charlie 
  • Deputy Head Boy – Elliot 
  • Head Girl – Megan 
  • Deputy Head Girl – Emily
  • Chair of Academy Council – Tim

Please congratulate pupils when you see them.

Mrs Hoy

Who wins? You decide!

Who wins? You decide! Tomorrow in tutor you will vote for your New Head Boy and Girl 2017/18. Each pupils video will be aired in tutor on Monday and elections will take place immediately after.

Head Boy/Girl elections

Hi everyone

This week the head boy and girl election campaign has begun with the actual elections taking place on Monday 12th June - here is the schedule:

  • 5th June – each tutor to receive 5 envelopes with names of candidates
  • 5th June - campaigning begins in assemblies, screens, campaign posters to go on House Team boards
  • Each pupils video to be aired in tutor on Monday 12th June and elections to take place immediately after – each tutor to place completed slips in correct candidates wallet – candidates will receive results on the Monday evening as soon as the counting has taken place
  • Results to go on web-site Monday night
  • Results to be given to the rest of Academy on Tuesday 13th June

Mrs Hoy

Head Boy and Head Girl Elections 2016/17


In April pupils who were interested in the role of Head Boy and Girl were asked to submit a letter of application – interviews took place on the 16th and 19th of May and the six successful candidates were then asked to put themselves forward for election. 

The election campaign took place week beginning 23rd June: candidates put up posters and canvassed pupils and staff, explaining about the work they would do if they were successful in being appointed to the post.

Candidates created a short promotional film outlining why they felt they were the best person for the job; the film clips were shown just before the elections took place on the 27th June.

All pupils and staff were given ballot papers to complete, as in government elections and the results were revealed on the evening of the 27th June.

Congratulations go to the pupils below for their successful appointments:               

Jack – Head Boy
Millie – Head Girl
Damien – Deputy Head Boy
Kaitlyn – Deputy Head Girl

Our next wave of appointments start this month as Year 10 pupils submit letters of application to become Assistant Prefects – we wish them all good luck!