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We are always looking for ways to communicate better with parents and carers as well as reducing our carbon footprint and, after a review of our current home/school communication methods, we have taken the decision to implement a new system, School Gateway. We believe this system will provide a more cost-effective solution for both the academy and parents and carers, providing a two-way communication to report your child’s absence or simply as a more reliable way to receive correspondence from the academy.

What is School Gateway?

School Gateway is the parent portal (app and website) made by Schoolcomms, that provides a single point of contact that allows parents and carers to receive messages, pay for items including school meals, conduct reports and other information about your child from school and react to those notifications free of charge.

App Features


  • Timetable - See your child's timetable and help to ensure they are prepared for the day/week ahead.

  • Attendance - Keep a track of your child’s attendance - follow up on any unexplained absences through the app.

  • Achievements - Get live updates on your child's positive achievements and celebrate with them.

  • Behaviour - Get to know if your child has received behaviour consequences so that you can have a discussion with them and support positive behaviour improvements.


  • Messages - Contact your child's House team , Attendance officer or a staff member at the academy for any enquires you may have about your child.

  • Parent/Carer Evenings - Check parent/carer evenings dates and times for your child along with events going on in the academy.

  • Website - Keep up to date with the latest information coming from the academy.

  • Facebook/Twitter - Interact with us on our social media pages.

Getting Started

Creating an account is simple and will take no more than a couple of minutes.

Download our app for free today.




1. Register - Using the same email address and mobile number held by Winifred Holtby.

2. Four digit pin - School Gateway will send you a text with your pin.

3. Login - You are ready to go.

How to Log On


1. Once you have your PIN, go ahead and launch the School Gateway app on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Enter the email you have registered with Winifred Holtby and the PIN you received. If you didn’t get a PIN, it is likely because we don’t have the right contact info. Please get in touch with the academy.

3. If both the email and PIN are entered correctly, hit ‘Login’ and you’re ready to start engaging with the WHA App.

4. You can also access School Gateway on the web:

If you have a smartphone, both you and the school can save money when you download the ‘School Gateway’ app from your app store (Android and iPhone). Once you’ve downloaded the app, our texts will be delivered to you as instant app messages, saving us the cost of texting. Any messages that you send to school using the app will be FREE of charge to you too. It’s quick and easy to do, and will also save the school money on administration time, printing and paper.

We’re aiming to get as many parents and carers as we can using the app – please help us achieve this.


I have the app but why am I not getting notified of new messages?

Remember to allow “Push Notifications” when you install the app, so you get a notice each time we send you a message. Failure to do this will result in our message being delivered to your device but without you notified until you open the app.



We are pleased to confirm that Schoolcomms’ is compliant with new GDPR legislation that has recently come into place. The SchoolComms Data Processing Agreement and Privacy Notice can be found on their website -

All information you provide will be kept private and will not be passed on to any other organisation. Your details will only be used for the purpose of school business. You will not receive any SPAM or third-party marketing materials.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the academy.