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Cultural Capital

At Winifred Holtby Academy we understand the importance that cultural capital and cultural awareness plays in the everyday lives of our students. Cultural capital is a combination of knowledge, behaviours and skills that our students have developed which demonstrate their cultural awareness and intelligence. It has become evident over the past few years that we often draw upon our cultural awareness to be successful and accepting members of society. At Winifred Holtby we endeavour to improve our student’s cultural capital on a daily basis to help them become successful in both their future work and within society.

As an academy we are working to expose students to a range of activities and immersive experiences that will help to build and encourage aspirations. We know that when students have clear goals they become more motivated and successful. It is evident that when students have had continual opportunities to build their cultural capital that they naturally become more aspirational and successful.

Students at the academy are exposed to activities on a daily basis that help form their cultural capital, this is done in a number of ways. For example, through the curriculum, extra- curricular activities, trips and visits and careers activities. Throughout the academic year students have access both inside and outside of the academy to activities to enrich their cultural capital, this year has also seen us join up with The Duke of Edinburgh which will further build our students cultural awareness.

We recognise that there are 4 key areas that are interrelated and contribute to the development of cultural capital:

Cultural & Enrichment Opportunities

Career Links       

Moral guidance

Social Development